Wednesday, October 21, 2020


 My spread in Sallyanne Scholefields Journal done with a digital program hope you like it xx

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Memorable Movie Time!

 by Lisa for Deb

I really enjoy watching movies and have so many favourites, that it's kinda hard to pick just one!

In the end I thought of a movie that I'd rewatched recently, and could watch over and over again (along with its sequels!) - The Hangover.  If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it for a good laugh!  Yes, it's inappropriate, and there's lots of swearing and a bit of (funny) nudity - but what a great story!

As usual, no progress pics, except one.  I decided to complete this spread using Derwent pencils - not my usual go to, but a change is as good as a holiday, so they say...

I drew the boys on their adventure in Las Vegas, and added Mike Tyson's tiger that they somehow stole.

Then, while I was adding the background - a failed attempt at night lights and bokeh - I decided that it just wasn't bright enough and needed some zing.  Enter Copic pens.

I ended up going over the whole spread - except the background blue - with Copics, and in the most part I was pleased with how it turned out.

My husband keeps telling me I'm shite at drawing people and should stick to animals... He may be right, but you're never going to improve if you never try, right?

So above are the Wolfpack members - Alan (holding Carlos, long story....!), Phil, and Stu who woke up missing a tooth.  Plus failed bokeh lights. 🙄

And the tiger looked much improved after adding Copics.

And here's the whole spread, including the movie name banner in lights, and that famous Vegas saying: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Hope you like it Deb!

Happy arting all!

Cheers, Lisa

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sallyanne's Home Journal

 Sallyanne's Home Journal.

This is my spread in Sallyanne's home journal. Home to me is a beautiful, crazy colourful place full of never ending excitement. With two daughters my house is colourful, noisy, a little hectic and a lot of fun. 
As i sat in my craft room i was inspired by the art and colour that surrounded me. 
The night before i had watched Tim Burtons The nightmare before christmas so i knew i wanted to create something with crazy twists and turns, black and white stripes, bent buildings, way too many ideas.

I started out by covering the page in a good layer of gesso. I then got out my box of sharpies and a pencil and started drawing out my cray city. This was honestly the best fun i've had with sharpies in a long while. I really let my imagination run wild. I couldn't find the right shade of blue so i did use a little acrylic paint but wasn't happy with it, so i stopped mid way through. My sharpies took over from here.

Almost finished. I really loved the creative process of this page. I was completely drawn in. I started coming up with little stories about the crazy little characters that could live there. What jobs they could have, where they would hang there washing, where is that green bridge leading too...... a roof top garden, public park? It really was a joy to work in this journal.

There you go, my crazy, colourful town. My home. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Bohemian Florals

by Lisa for Sass

This journal is full of lovely flowers, so it was nice to be able to add to it!

I didn't take any progress shots, but I found a great source pic in Pinterest and went from there.

I did my background first in different shades of pink and peach acrylics, then added a flower garland.  I wanted the flowers to have more texture, so added some white gesso with a palette knife.  Once it dried, I added colour to the flowers, and then some greenery in between and around the flowers.

Lastly, I added a lovely quote that I found on Pinterest - Her soul is made of wildflowers.

And that was it!  Hope you like it Sass!

Happy arting all. 

Cheers, Lisa xx

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Janie's Australian Nature journal.

Australia is the land of the most extraordinary flora and fauna but if you asked  anyone to name an Australian animal you would probably get one of two anwsers. 

Kangaroo or koala, probably in that order. So I decided to go with the Kangaroo. 

Unfortunately this spread came together so quickly I forgot to take many photos.

The background was a layer of scrap papers which was covered with Atelier green black acrylic paint. 

The lovely kangaroo image ironically came from a children's book about a ladybird. 
( Lazy Ladybird and Greedy bee, by Isobel Finn and Steve Smallman,  Illustrations by Jack Tickle)

I wanted to add a bit more of an Australian feel and give the spread a bit more pop,so painted the letters in various shades of red and added traditional dots.


The boomerang was made by my friend Jenny out of some scrap paper and leftover paint. 

And all done. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020



Ballet is one of those things I have always admired but never really got to know. Attending a big ballet priduction has always been on my bucket list just never acheived in my real life.

I  love the drama and costumes and sets and greatly admire the athleticism and discipline of the dancers. 

The closest I came was when my youngest son attended a ballet school at 3 or 4, he was naturally elegant and coordinated and we went to one performance night  I was super uncomfortable with the sexy aspect of the young girls so we never went back.