Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Grease is the word!

I am so not a movie watcher and the  few I have seen and remembered have already been done in Debs journal. 
However a timely song played in a shop the other day reminded me that  Grease is the word. 
Of course picking the movie was the  hardest part of the page and once I started it was all fun and I now, I have this song stuck in my head. 
I used signo and  posca pens and watercolours. 

Melissa's Ballet Journal June 2020

This is another one that took me some time to come up with a layout. Luckily Melissa was kind enough to have added some resources to be used... so I took advantage of the ballet stencil.... The inspiration for this one came from a YouTube video from The Crafty Maven Getaway called Dance your heart out... Once again I forgot to take progress pictures, but this is what I did... 
1.      I did a watercolour wash using four or five different colours. 
2.     I then stamped music notes and some script over the entire page. 
3.     I used the resource stencil supplied by Melissa to cut the ballet figures out of black card stock.
4.     I used a brick stencil and coloured texture paste to do the bricks in each corner, underlining them with a thin sharpie pen.
5.     Lastly I glued the ballet figures on the layout and drew the works in watercolour pencil and darkened with water... 

I changed the words to the well known quote as I couldn't fit the word watching on the layout... I feel I could have put a border around the layout but I didn't know what I wanted to do... 

I hope you like this layout Melissa.
Cheers Sass... 

Lisa's Walk Like an Egyptian... May 2020

For Lisa's 80's Journal, I finally decided on Walk like and Egyptian by the bangles... the inspiration for this layout came from Vicky Papaioannou and her layout Music... I forgot to take progress pics but this is what I did:

1.     On a separate piece of watercolour paper I did a blue watercolour wash.
2.     I then stamped music notes over the entire page.
3.     I printed and fussy cut out images and the lyrics from the song and glued on the watercolour paper.
4.     After gluing the guitar to the watercolour paper I threaded cotton 
through the paper for strings.
5.     On the journal I drew lines to represent piano keys on the top and bottom and cut out the black keys from card stock and placed those on the the lines. 
6.     I drew the words on free hand and then glued the watercolour paper on top of the piano keys.

I hope you like this layout Lisa... In the end I liked how it turned out as it took me forever to work out what to do... 
Cheers Sass.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Where the Wild things are

For Louise's Whimsical Creatures journal I thought about recreating a scene out of 'Where the Wild things are' story book. This story and it's illustrations, in my mind, were perfect as a whimsical feature. I used Jane Davenport's pastel palettes, JD and ceramcoat acrylic, Prism pencils, JD fine line black pen and lastly JD paint over pens. I found this to be a really enjoyable subject to work on, it was lot's of fun.

June 2020, Sallyanne Scholefield's "Home" journal by Janie O'Brien

I live in Cairns in tropical Queensland where winters here in the daytime rarely drop below  26º and summers which last from late August to end April are a steamy average of about 33º daily. This climate of course provides the perfect environment for colourful tropical plants which are everywhere your eye rests.
Large plantations form the back-bone of the City and the Fecker Botanical Gardens are world renowned and are said to be the best in our southern hemisphere. For me, the theme of "Home" was a delight to illustrate with paint & collage.

Queenslander homes abound in the older parts of Cairns evoking nostalgia for more relaxed times gone by. My work - encompassed nearly 2 portrait size A4 sheets when open. The first thing I did was to separate the ground with dark green (a mixture of acrylic ink and paint) and the sky. I then formed the mountain range with torn papers and a cut out and placed a stereotypical queenslander home. I added a few cut out palm trees and then set about sticking my tropical plants down; most flowers individually cut from Pinterest illustrations. of course a Cairns' house must have a pool, mine has a hint of the Great Barrier Reef within, as the Reef flourishes parallel to our little city as one of the biggest draw-cards in the world for sightseers to visit.
My super colourful result is almost dazzling and all plants depicted can be seen around Cairns most of the year. I hope you enjoy this representation of "my home" and that you visit our part of the world soon.

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Labyrinth

My page in Lisa's 80's Journal.
Nothing says the 80's to me like The Labyrinth. The scene i decided to re-create is the
 Ball Room scene. Jareth with his spectacular blue rhinestone velvet jacket and Sarah with her amazing white and ivory blue pearl dress, stunning.

I decided to work with blue shimmer to express the beauty of this scene. I used Lindy's shimmer spray and a soft brush. I used dimentions paint and a flat back  pearl to create Sarah's head piece. I added a blue gem for her necklace. I used white gesso and a very small amount of black acrylic to make the grey hair of Jareth. I wanted to capture the moment without showing Davis Bowie's face as i knew i wouldn't do it justice. I believe all Labyrinth fans could easily recognise the scene and movie.

I also used the Dimentions paint to create the lace and pearls hanging down all through the scene. As a little girl i dreamed of having a bedroom that looked just like that. 

I used a recognisable quote fro the movie. I also wanted to re-create the bubble from the movie so i used Opal Magic by Finnabair. I actually love how these turned out.

I really am in love with how this turned out. I totally forgot to take progress photos as i was lost in the project, and yes i watched the movie that night.....
love Bowie, love the movie, and who wouldn't want to dance with Bowie in a bubble.

Snugglepot & Cuddlepie

This is my spread in Janie's Australia Journal, I created it in a digital program using a photo of Janie then adding all the other elements piece by piece. Time consuming but a lot of fun, hope you like you and your little Janie! Hugs Robyn xxx

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Flowers for Robyn.

Daisies are cheerful, roses are posh. 
Weeds are unwelcome but I love the lot.

As they greet me each morning, as I go on my way,
they brighten the garden and make my day. 

I didn't take many photos of my process for this entry in Robyn's flower journal. 

However, basically I put down a layer of gesso followed by soft yellow and turquoise acrylic. Once that had dried I added some Tim Holtz tissue papers and napkin flowers. Once that had dried I stippled it again until it was nicely blended. 

I added an F for flowers, plus a few paper flowers made from an old calender. 

Finally a few words and dots, and it was all done. 

Plant a garden and plant happiness.

Keep well and stay safe.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Playing with Paper Dolls

by Lisa for Jenny

Jenny's Paper Dolls journal has a lovely vintage feel, so I wanted to do a spread that tied into this.

Paper dolls in art journalling are a bit foreign to me, so I didn't really know what to do.  But I have a pic of my mum and her brother from probably the early 50s, when mum would have been around 7 or 8.  I've always loved this photo, and have drawn it before, so thought it would suit this theme!

As usual I forgot to take progress pics... 😖  I drew the figures of Pam and George on brown kraft card - great stuff, thick enough to cut out, but not too thick.  I then inked them in and cut them out.

I then used heaps of vintage look scrapbook papers from my stash, as a base for both pages.  I remembered that I had this great leaf stencil and mask set from Dina Wakley - still unopened!  - so played around with acrylic paints.  The leaves were outlined with brown Pitt pen.

My kids looked like they were floating on the page, so I added a bit of grass to ground them.

I found a lovely sentiment on Pinterest to use on the other page: 
Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.  I wrote these words out on the remaining kraft paper, outlined them in ink, and cut them out.  After adhering them with matte gel medium, I added white gel pen highlights.

And here's the complete spread!  Hope you like my entry Jenny, and Happy Arting all! xx

Cheers, Lisa