Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Transformations by Monika

This month I had the great pleasure of working in Louise's beautiful journal "Transformations".

Inspiration took a while to come but suddenly it all started to come together. I based my entry on the phases of the moon.

Here is the pale moon maiden with a moon phase halo that rotates.

The Moon Lady holds a silver heart that opens up to reveal:

The poem: "That Sweet Moon Language" by the ancient persian poet Hafiz.

On the outside I added some bling to the spine of the journal: A moon pendant I bought over twenty years ago in a far away place. Since then it has moved with me to many places always waiting for this special project where it would fit and it finally has found its place.

I hope Louise will like it.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Music is You-

I manged to get 2 pages done this month in Pam's lovely music journal.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Just Three Words.

I have just finished my spread in Jan's beautiful handmade journal, with the theme Just Three Words.

I get really nervous when I am working in another persons book, due to the fact that I am inexperienced.....but in saying that I usually enjoy the experience.

For this spread I chose the words from Jan's helpful list...Butterflies Are Free.  I think a sense of freedom is very appealing as all my life I have taken responsibility for somebody.

I began with a spray of Heidi Swapp in Teal and Pink over a stencil.  Then I tore out lots of butterflies from a paper napkin and attached them with matt medium. I painted a larger butterfly and stamped the title.  To finish I wrote the words butterfly and free randomly with different coloured pens.  Hope it turned out OK.

And now to fly this journal to Janene and await the next dramatic journaling event.

Jan does Book of Mirrors

It is almost the end of April and I am ready to post the wonderful Book of Mirrors off to Roz. Had some nice time over Easter at my art desk.

Wow, this journal is so beautifully made, Danielle has done such a wonderful job.
I wondered if I could do it justice. But I just had fun and chose something from one of the many Celtic books I have.
I used crackle medium and acrylics and some washi tape to create the mood!

 Then I just had fun doing stuff and also added a bone I had found on the beach last weekend when we were at Shellharbour, I think it is from a sea bird.

I hope you like it Danielle. I certainly enjoyed your journal. 
(Sorry some of the photos are not round the right way. Still learning how to blog. Guess it will get easier. )

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oriental- Janene's page

Hello everyone!  This is my second attempt to do this...the first attempt I lost all that I had written, so I sent out an SOS to Louise who got me up and running on the blog :-)!

When I received Roz's beautiful Oriental themed journal, I was a bit stumped as to what to put on a page as I am soooo not an oriental type of person.  But luckily for me my eldest daughter is...she spent a month in Japan a couple of years ago and that is her 'happy' place.  We talked and what kept coming up in my mind was the cherry blossoms as they were in full bloom when she was visiting.  So you can guess what I did...yep..a cherry blossom tree!

The saying for Destiny is a Japanese proverb and it wasn't until I had finished the page that I realized that it was the same saying that Roz had printed in her little book in the front of the journal!! Great minds Roz lol. The saying was personal for me I felt my destiny so to speak was always with me, but I had put it aside because I thought that I couldn't have time to do it while married and raising a family.  Silly me as if I had followed my heart and kept doing art, I would have been a much happier and rounded person.  Art is definitely my therapy and I love showing and sharing with like minded people.

I am eagerly looking forward to receiving the next journal and here is the page that I did for Roz's journal.
Have a great week everyone and happy journaling!!


Janene x