Thursday, February 28, 2019

Robyn' World Fashion.

This month has been a bit of a disaster for me.  I have worked in Robyn's journal in little bites out on the back deck.  Sorry no process pics.

I started with some book page collage and then laid down some background colour. I traced out the figures of the Dutch boy and girl, added some tulips and made a windmill.

Hope this is what you where looking for Robyn.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Megs beautiful Galaxy

I received Amanda's Delightful journal with the theme Galaxy.
Then think of what I like about the outreaching sky above us at night.......
I love the Milky Way and the Aurora sometimes referred to as Polar lights,
Northern lights of the Aurora Borealis
I Started adding Layers of paint to bring the Aurora to life

Continued adding colours to build background up

Then added the Milky way with splatter technique

Then used the Toothbrush Strainer technique for the finishing touches indifferent colours to bring the mystical galaxy to life 

And finally, heat embossed the word galaxy on the page!
 and added a wink of Stella to the Aurora.
Thank you Amanda for the opportunity to play in your Journal almost time to send it on its way.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Amanda's layout in Janie's Nature Journal

I have to admit to being overawed when Janie's Nature Journal arrived...just stunning. My pages evolved totally different from what I had planned.  
I used two images, one from Daphne's Diary and another from Womankind, to which I added a gerbera. I wanted to infer my relationship to Nature and my choices of images and words reflect this. Nature - heals, is blessed and brings joy.
I initially created a background using a collaged napkin of Roses and some brown baking paper. I dulled it with some white gesso then used TH's Distress Oxide, Cracked Pistachio to give some colour. I used two Kazazz stamps with Timber Brown Staz-On. Finished with a little doodling. 


Friday, February 15, 2019

Lisa playing in Roz's Art Deco Ladies Journal!

It's always a bit terrifying  worrying making the first entry in someone else's journal, especially if you're not totally au fait with the theme (like that? 😉 - Art Deco did start in France...)  Luckily, Roz's last journal was Art Nouveau so I kinda knew the difference.  But still had to check with my friends at Wikipedia!

Anyhoo, Art Deco was around in the 20s and the fashion was really interesting around that period, so that's what I focused on.

Firstly I found lots of pics in Pinterest and then drew some of these ladies using white cartridge paper.

Then I concentrated on my background.  I love vintage-looking papers, and found some music paper, French and Italian book pages, part of a vintage French map and an old post card in my stash. 

I then white-washed the pages with white gesso to give it an old feel.  But didn't take a pic...

Next I set to colouring my girls.  My usual media of choice is watercolour, however I felt that the cartridge paper would warp too much.  Then I considered Copic markers, but being alcohol based, they're not friends with water based fineliners.  Did not want smeary bits.  So I settled on Derwent coloured pencils, and I'm glad I did, because I think it adds to the vintage look!  (But geez, can't remember the last time I used these pencils 😲!)

I did the majority of this spread while Scott and I enjoyed a mini break down at Ocean Grove.  Of course, we were down there the only time this summer that it hasn't been 35 degrees and sunny...

...But it was still lovely to be away!  Except that when it came to fussy cutting my girls out, I had to sit in the kitchen there under the brightest light I could find, which was not bright at all, squinting the whole time!!!

Finally I glued my girls in, using Liquitex matte gel medium - my favourite glue.  Then, I added some metallic gel pens as accents, and a quote from Coco Chanel, and voilá! 

Hope you enjoy it Roz!  It was a fun spread to make.

Happy Arting!  Cheers, Lisa

Janie O'Brien's addition to Sharon Rogers - Tea Time Journal for February 2019.

Apart from my own, this is my first journal in this round 7. I had planned out what I would do in Sharon's Tea Time journal and then I received it and my plans went out the window. Instead of a landscape double spread, Sharon's journal arrived approximately A6 in size, but the pages were bound together with rings, offering two portrait pages instead. I knew I had to approach my project in a completely different way. After thinking long and hard I finally settled on two pages of unusual teapots which the two pages will provide a perfect backdrop for. I searched high and wide and finally made my selection from Pinterest. On my computer, I resized the images allowing for enough detail to be shown and an appropropriate amount of images to be displayed. I used A grade photo paper in my printer and then I fussy cut them out. A background was created in a dark silver black using Lindy's starburst colours. I then used a glue stick to secure the images to the pages in a pleasing arrangement. I hope you enjoy the collection I created.
Believe it or not, each one of these amazing creations are teapots created by artists. Most are ceramic, but some are metal.

I loved all the wonderful teapots I discovered and it was very hard to choose which ones I would display in my montage. Finally it was a matter of which ones fitted best with each other.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

My Art Deco Journal

This is my double page spread.
I used fabric (from a top that someone had given to me) as the background.
I used spray adhesive to stick it to the page. I had already gessoed the page first as I wasn't sure what I was going to do! I also added some Pixie Powder to diluted PVA glue and brushed that over the gesso after it had dried. This can be seen in the right corner.I printed out some images and took ages to decide where they should be. I wanted the black and white image to be visible so I had to play around with the placement of the fabric. The neckline of the top had a black band and this worked really well to highlight the girl in the bottom right of the spread. I added the shiny gold card circles and punched corner shapes to make this a feature. I finally decided where everything should go and I'h happy with the end result.
I have decided to use this book that my Mum bought me about 30 years ago.
It is an address book with beautiful Art Deco prints throughout....they are all still in the book.
I have removed some of the address pages and glued some together.
There is a note saying that you may need to gesso the surface first.
This is what the address pages look like.
I love the black & white images.
The full page prints are in colour.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Robyn's Gaia

These are my pages I did in Louise Kirby's Gaia Journal 

Hope you like it Louise xx


This is my cover and it is A5 size.

This is the 1st page that I did and has an image from The Graphics Fairy with a rosette trim on 2 edges.

This is my second page done with a couple of napkins. I need to incorporate the metal elements into the page.

This is Lisa's spread...beautifully drawn and painted.
The soft colours make me feel very peaceful.

This is Louise's spread. She has drawn and painted the Paris Metro Station.
I love all of the line work and the perspective that Louise has achieved.

This is Janie's spread and it is very dramatic with Gold and Red and crystal embellishments.
Love it!!

This is by  Deborah and is a very peaceful page.
The panels on either side have a fabric feel and the shimmer is gorgeous!!

This is by Annabelle and is so beautifully done with paint and some collage elements.

Jenny has replicated an advertising piece and it is awesome. The colours are very rich and I think she may have used acrylic ink. The writing at the bottom says, "Milk so pure, the cats want some too!"

This is by Robyn and opens out...I forgot the page underneath so will add it later.
Beautiful colours!!

This is by Sharon who has incorporated paint,, stenciling, collage and some lovely texture with cheesecloth.

Another peaceful page...this one is done by Pam.
I particularly like the synchronous nature of this and love the soft colors.
Thank you Pam.

This beautiful Tiffany Lamp is by Colleen ...Love it!!

This is my last page and the mailing order of the lovely ladies who contributed to my book.
I have some blank pages that I intend to complete at some point.
Thank you all again.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

AASJ7: Sharon's Pages in Jenny's "The Bees Knees" Journal

Hi Everyone!!
LOL I can't believe I am actually going to be on time this month!!!!!
I've completed my pages in Jenny's "The Bees Knees" Journal - a fab theme and I knew exactly what I wanted to do so it was put together fairly quickly!
'Bug'gered if I know what an Entomologist does?
I started by "gessoing" the pages although they are nice and thick so I wouldn't have had any bleed through! I then used a spatula to add different colours of "Chalk" paint randomly over each page.
While that was drying I printed my images - the main "bug" guy was printed on cardstock along with one lot of "bugs" and another lot of bugs was printed on tissue paper. Printing on tissue paper is always fraught with danger and I did have a few "incidents" but managed to get what I needed!
I started with the tissue paper bugs and tore them out and adhered randomly over the pages with gel medium.
Then I added some scraps of muslin cloth with gel medium - I thought that the muslin was a bit like a butterfly catcher net so I wanted to add that feel to the page!

I used a credit card and black paint to add a line across both pages about a third of the way up from the bottom. Then I added the main image, the wording printed on kraft paper and torn out and some fussy cut bugs from card and added them randomly.
Finished pages!!

Jenny also has some little black and white patterned cards for us all to colour/decorate and add some thoughts to the back. I ink sprayed the front of the card and added some collage elements and printed out a note to Jenny and adhered to the back!!
Hope you like what I have done Jenny!!!
Sharon :)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

AASJ7: Sharon's "Time for a Cuppa!" Journal

Hi Everyone!!
How exciting to be starting another journal round with everyone!
I always love the challenge of creating to each person's theme - my "interpretation" of course LOL!!!
I decided to go with the theme of "Time for a Cuppa" because I am a big tea lover and like to have one coffee a day too LOL!
I started by making my cover from scrap card - I used tea bag "danglers" to cover the entire front and back cover. Once dry I added a layer of gesso, ink sprays and then the collage elements.
To make the cover more sturdy I cut 2 more pieces of card and covered one side with gesso and then used my sewing machine to add a backing to the front and back cover sections.
You will notice they are not "decorated" - that is something I will complete once my journal makes it's way home!

Collage elements are by my fav store "Art Tea Life" and were printed on card and fussy cut and adhered to the pages.
I decided to go with the "rings" again to hold my journal together and have added A5 size watercolour paper pages - an "open page" spread for each person do decorate - I have "numbered" the pages so each person can work on a left and right hand side to make a complete page when the pages are opened - LOL hope that makes sense - I made it a bit different to my last ringed journal!
I've added the contract pages and a page for the theme and to say enjoy working in my journal!
PLUS: I added a tea/coffee bag for each participant to make a cuppa whilst working in my journal!!!
Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see what each of you create!
Sharon :)