Thursday, February 26, 2015

Music Is You Journal.

It's home!!  Thank you all.  All you wonderful artists who added their contributions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I really did not expect this and I feel very overwhelmed.  I made a little video, never done it before :)  Maybe if it doesn't work very well I will post photos like a proper blogger.  Once again thank you all and blessings to you.

New Members for the next round of The Australian Art Journal Swap

What a fabulous journey we have shared as our art journals made their way around our big and beautiful Australia, whilst our journals have been collecting beautiful artworks for us to treasure, we have made some lovely new friends and learnt so much along the way.

As this round is drawing to a close keep an eye on the blog as their owners share their experience and their newly returned journals and we will get to peek into them.I can't wait to see my journal again, filled with it's beautiful works. 

I am also looking for new members to join the next round of the The Australian Art Journal Swap and would love to hear from you if you would like to join us. All participants need to reside in Australia and be committed to following through with the entire swap, You will need to collect and look after the visiting journals, add you work on the theme of the journal and send it on to the next person in the chain. Postage is between $7 - $16 and you send out every month or so. We need you to be good at communicating and keeping in touch - You will need a facebook page and be willing to blog your work and I am happy to help you get started with all the computer aspects if they are new to you.

Please come and join our Australian Art Swap Group on facebook
not only is is a great place to connect for this swap
but we are always doing other art swaps and challenges as well.
We are always looking for new artists to join in.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jan completes the circle in Roz's Oriental Journal

This was a very inspiring journal and was a pleasure to work in.
I hope I have done it justice.
I used stamps and watercolours and collages on some napkins and Japanese Origami papers.

And spurred on by the activity on our Facebook page I made a few wings dedicated ATC's for Roz.

I hope you love it Roz.

My pages in Pam's Journal

I did 2 double page spreads with Collage and Quotes

Monday, February 2, 2015

Reveal- Louise works in Wendys journal

I have spoken before about how I love to be in a journal swap,
 I love having the journals travelling around between us all, and I love having them arrive to be mine for a short while. It is like having an intimate gallery arrive right into your home, that you can visit over and over while it is here, and can share with your friends and visitors. 

And then it is gone- 
you have done your piece and added your energy and sent it on its way and then you are eagerly awaiting the next one and contemplating the theme.

This journal belongs to Wendy Pepyart 
who is a very talented and creative member of this round of 

Wendy's gorgeous art journal is a repurposed childrens story book and her title is 'Reveal Your True Self'

Well, asking me, Who my true self is?, 
just about turned me inside out, lol- I do love how these journals challenge us and as Wendy is a very intuitive artist I just got out some supplies and started to play and let my own intuition guide me.

I pulled out some colours that were calling to me on the day and arranged them into a rainbow and then I started to get some ideas.

My thinking went along the lines rainbow, 
colour groups,
 different aspects of me are all my true self
- paper dolls!

 I chose six colour themes and six aspects of me,
I pulled out the gelli plate, a brayer, some stencils and some watercolour paper and just played.
Once I had created my 6 dolls, I then played with stamps building up their mixed media texture and finally I journaled on them about who this aspect of me really is.