Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My spread for Memento Mori

I had originally intended to use some photos of a cemetery in a bushland setting in Victoria. I took these photos about 6 years ago and I coudn't find them on my old hard drive. So I had to come up with something different~!
I found the skull image online and coloured it with prismacolour pencils.Tha background id stenciled and stamped. The texture paste is homemade with black gesso,bi-carb,cornflour and some gold glitter. The stamping is done with versafine Ink.

The second page had already been done with a layer of gesso so I used some homemade spray ink and some dylusions ink and some fabric spray ink for colour to tie in with the previous page. Once again I added some stamping and texturising with an old make up sponge. The quote I printed out from the internet.

The girl from the book was just visible so I used  an 'ALL' pencil to make her slightly more prominent. For those who don't know this journal is a re-purposed picture book about Hiroshima. I didn't want to obliterate the girl so she is now part of this spread.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Deb's "Natura"

I have been very remiss and not had this finished and posted weeks ago.  Last night I was in the zone and the page came together and just flowed out of me.  Mind you I didn't get to bed until after 1 am!! But I was on a high and had to finish the page.  Now it is winging it's way to Louise for her entry in the journal.

I admit that sometimes I am at a loss as to what to put on a page that has a particular theme, and I guess I had lost a bit of mojo.  BUT it is back and I had soooo much fun creating this page!  I really believe that nature is one of God's special gifts to us.  I know when I feel sad I seek nature even if it is just my back yard, and seeing the birds and the beautiful flowers can give you such a sense of peace.

Here is my entry for "Natura"

Now with Mojo back where it belongs...bring on the next journal lol!!


Janene :-)

Mon's entry in Jan's "Three Words"

Jan's "Three Words" journal was a bit of a challenge for me in the beginning.
No three words I could think of resonated with me so off to google I went and found:

I Become Myself

This instantly rang true to me as I have been feeling like I am really becoming myself lately, knowing more who I am and what I like and kind of "settling" into myself like into a comfy armchair.

Of course becoming oneself is not an overnight thing, there are many steps to get there and I don't know if one ever gets there until the very end or whether there are different stages of becoming oneself.
I did a play on words and tried to make as many different three word phrases out of the original one as a path to becoming oneself.

I used Neocolour II and Inktense pencils.

I hope Jan will like it. xoxo

Monday, September 8, 2014

Jan's Reveal Your True Self Entry

Reveal Your Tue Self
Well this was a lovely journal ready for some ‘just go with the flow’.
I had jotted down some notes prior to receiving the journal but they just didn’t seem to be what was required. I have always been into craft and drawing and painting and collected ‘scraps’ as a child and did lots of paper doll dress designing and was enthralled when my Mum did drawing classes when I was about 5 and she would come home with still lifes and nudes on large sheets of paper.

So I just got stuck in.

Then I found the quote of ‘What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever’ and it really rang true.

I layered tissue pictures and some collage and stamps and spray inks and acrylics.
Thanks for the opportunity to do a bit of exploring!