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Ribbon Binding  

 "I am often asked to explain how I make my books so I thought I would prepare a very basic tutorial. I know that once you see how easy it is, you will all rush off to make your own and not stay around to buy mine but that is a risk I shall have to take ☺
This is a tutorial to make a ribbon bound book. This example uses very simple materials for your first effort. I am assuming you don’t know anything about bookbinding (so excuse me if you are exerienced and I am stating the obvious but in that case, perhaps this tutorial isn’t for you!)"

Mandala Journal  This is truly inspirational and something I want to do "one day" it might be a bit much for this swap but it real soul food for me :)
I have finally completed my tutorial for the making of my Mandala Journal. I tried to keep it to three parts, but, well... you can skip certain parts if you aren't wanting to experience things like paper maché!
I think I'll let the videos do the teaching, and wait for questions to come in - then, as they do, I will update this post and address them rather than try to guess at what I've left out - because I'm sure I've left some stuff out!!
Leather Journal  lovely simple design on Balzer Designs
One of the first questions that people ask me is what notebook do you use to journal in?  The choice of notebook is super personal to each artist.  Right now I'm art journaling in four notebooks: a super large watercolorMoleskine, a Strathmore wire bound visual journal, a Hand Book watercolor journal, and a coptic bound watercolor journal I bought from Elvie Studio on Etsy.  Why so many?  Well, I've been trying to find my perfect journal for a while and so I bought a bunch of books to try out. Have you found your perfect book?
Well, I'm so delighted to have Ilse Hobbelen as our guest today to help us on the quest for that perfect art journal.  She's going to show us how to make our very own leather journal! 
The Free Flip Flap Journal I love this idea that uses very economical materials :)
This free and very fun class will teach you how to create a bound journal that lies flat with fold-out pages using inexpensive materials and, even better- paper that is free!
Teesha Moores Amazing 16 Page Journal  This is a very cool lesson, it is a you tube video in parts.  I have been inspired by it years ago and it will inspire the journal I make for this swap once again I am sure. 

Video link to an Expandable journal :)

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