Monday, January 21, 2019

Robyn's World Fashion

Robyn's new journal for AAJS7 World Fashion 

This is my World Fashion Journal for 2019 swap.
 It has a fabric flip cover with a wrap around closure has 3 signatures.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Vintage Circus Bear on a Tricycle

This is my page inside Sharon's Vintage Circus journal... the first thing I did was scour the internet looking for vintage circus ideas. But while searching through the really old photos, I found myself getting angry and teary at all the abuse and neglect the animals suffered (at the hands of people who should have cared for them). I printed out a few pictures and attempted to start... but the more I was scribbling and drawing, the worse I felt. 

It wasn't fair how they were all treated... its now all in the past but it will always be remembered. Thankfully, more and more people and organisations are looking out for animals and their rights. I know you all agree, animals deserve our love and respect. Always <3

artwork featuring a bear on a bike and other bears by Jenny James copyright 2019
Drawing them (above) with hats and signs saying "Free the Bears" didn't help. I wanted this to be a happy page, one that was positive not full of anger and hatred at humans. So it was put aside for a week or more because I wasn't coping.

artwork featuring a bear on a tricycle by Jenny James copyright 2019
A few weeks later, with a fresh mind I refound the photoshopped looking image of a bear on a tricycle I saw and used it as a reference as I drew my own bear. He's drawn freehand on Strathmore Watercolour Paper with pencil then inked with fine black felt tipped pen.

watercolour painted artwork featuring a bear on a tricycle by Jenny James copyright 2019
A few days later, I erased the pencil marks before painting with watercolour paint. I used sample spots (swatches) of Daniel Smith Watercolours (saving for the tubes now!) and my trusty waterbrush. The bike frame was painted first, then the wheels, all while reminding myself constantly, to let areas dry before going further.

watercolour painted artwork featuring a bear on a tricycle by Jenny James copyright 2019
The next day, after the bear's basic colours and shading was completely dry, I used a very fine brush (and the same colour brown) to paint in some fur structure, more shading and with a white gel pen, added highlights.

artwork featuring Tim Holtz Stamps by Jenny James copyright 2019
To start off the background, I stamped images from Tim Holtz Stamp Set, Theories. Tim's antique style engravings were perfect for this, as was his quote from the stamp set, Handwritten Thoughts : Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder. The characters were stamped using Ranger's Archival Ink in a dark brown and the quote is stamped using black.

The background was coloured using an Ink Blending Tool and Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pads... patchy blends of Antique Linen (cream) and Tea Dye (light warm brown) were first, then splattered and splashed with water (using a Water Spray Bottle) before being dried with the heat tool. Tumbled Glass (pale blue) was blended over the page next, then Walnut Stain (dark brown) was blended around the edge. More sprays of water were splattered and then it was all dried again.

watercolour painted artwork featuring Tim Holtz Stamps by Jenny James copyright 2019
The next stamps to be printed were from Tim Holtz's Psychedelic Grunge Stamp Set. The faded dots across the base of the page were stamped using Tea Dye Oxide Ink. The larger circles were printed using the Tea Dye and Tumbled Glass together, then across the base only using Tea Dye.

watercolour painted bear on a bike by Jenny James copyright 2019
While the inky background was drying, I cut out my bear using scissors and a craft knife for inside the spokes.

watercolour painted artwork featuring a bear on a bike by Jenny James copyright 2019
The above photo shows my bear placed loosely on the page to see how he'd fit. He seemed happy enough so continued :)

watercolour painted artwork featuring a bear on a bike by Jenny James copyright 2019
Next... I stamped the bicycle of three riders (also from Tim's Theories set) onto the bottom of the page, then covered it with washi tape and the matted printout of the vintage poster because I didn't like it! lol :) I added stamped wheels to the left hand side of the page in black after stamping the bicycle at the top. The poster and bear are glued down with Ranger's Dylusions Glue Stick.

To finish off the page, I used a couple of stamps from Tim's Tiny Things 2 stamp set. I gave the bear some music to ride along and "tied" gramophone onto the high-wire with a brown fine felt tipped pen. Both images were stamped using the Distress Oxide Walnut Stain Ink Pad.

historical photo of bears on a bicycle with a sidecar
The back of the page features a picture I found at the beginning of this journey (bordered with washi tape).
While this historical photo is from the era of abused animals, I live in hope that these two were looked after well. They seem ok apart from being skinny and muzzled.
Rather than waste the printout, I've included it with a few thoughts (white gel pen)... Free the Bears!

The end result is a good one... my bear looks content to be peddling along his musical path while the circus world carries on around him.

Thanks for reading! Hope it creates a smile :D xx Jenny

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Stuff and Nonsense Art Journal Finale

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful year of creativity! Being part of this journal swap has improved my mixed media skills enormously, helping me understand about the tissue collage multi layering techniques especially. Thanks also to whoever tied on the beads too, they're a little bit awesome as well :)

The following are best viewed large, so I've uploaded them fairly big... such amazing artwork with gorgeous colours, fabulous textures and so much personality within each page. Love them all :)

Sharon : 'Walking on the Moon' - off for a picnic on the moon! A most fantastic way to use washi tape :)

Colleen : 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' but these two peoples are hungry! lol :) - Such a wonderful colourful page with 2 groovy South Aussie birds... a galah and budgie :D

Pam : 'The ballbearing bird never been seen, the ballbearing bird never been heard' ... such a fab flock of steampunk style flamingos... or flamencos as my Mum calls them, cos they always look like they're dancing!

Robyn : I have no words... this is so cool! If I didn't know anything about myself, all I'd need do is gaze upon Robyn's page. Its amazing! LOVE all the gorgeous little frogs, butterflies, lots of greeeeeen and the quotes are perfect too. I didn't notice the pics were of me at first either. A fly on the wall would have lost his grip on the wall from laughing at my reaction! lol :) Love it all <3

Roz : So much to look at in this amazing collage from Roz. Its an incredible amount of work! Lots of stuff and plenty of nonsense. Check out the triangular sign... steep slope ahead with crocs waiting for dinner! lol :) Every time I look at this I find something new!

Lisa : a beautifully handpainted masterpiece featuring a gorgeous hungry lion and his favourite tucker with a Spike Milligan poem :)

Louise : 'Stuff and Nonsense' lyrics by Split Enz (a groovy 80s band I loved) with many layers of fabulous colours and patterns!

Janie : 'Go Bravely' ... lots of wise words and sayings amongst so much crazy! She was tempted to cause a scene, and so she should. Love it!

Annabelle : 'All this stuff and nonsense in my head!' ... the teabags are like little kites! Just like an artist, its calm appearance (sometimes) and chaotic within (always).

Deborah : 'Santa's Journey' ... featuring a city that never sleeps beneath all the trails of hearts and swirls. Beautiful colours and all those little lit up windows are raised (feels really cool).

So that's my book, home and living on my shelf so I can look at it whenever I want :) So grateful for all the work you've all done in my book. Love it all. Thank you!


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dragonfly Garden with Serviettes

Collage with Paper Napkins for Colleen

For Colleen's art journal page, I've used the Jane Davenport Collage Papers, aka printed paper serviettes... a packet of pretties to use in art. Together with acrylic paint, matte medium, paint pens and glitter glue, I've created a garden with a girl, flowers and dragonflies!

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of girl with a dragonfly using Jane Davenport printed napkins
To start with, I tore two of the same serviettes into pieces that fitted around the portrait of the girl (which is printed on the same serviettes).

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of girl with a dragonfly using Jane Davenport printed napkins
Using a Matte Gel Medium, I glued all the pieces down around the face... the end result looks like I drew the face and simply added the collage around it :)

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of girl with a dragonfly using Jane Davenport printed napkins
Once dry, I painted the shapes of the dragonflies and flowers in lightly using Dylusions acrylic paint (Calypso Blue). Then I filled in the rest of the background leaving the dragonflies, flowers and her hair free of colour (so it showed the serviettes).

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of girl with a dragonfly using Jane Davenport printed napkins
Next was the greenery for the garden. I used Dylusions acrylic paint (Lemon Zest, a clean bright yellow) mixed into the remainder of the Calypso Blue I had on my plate. The variation of the green was created simply by adding more yellow to create a lighter green, with some areas using only yellow. Being a semi-translucent paint, it layers beautifully :) The blue flower is left free of green paint showing the layer underneath.

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of flowers using Jane Davenport printed napkins
All the pretty white and green flowers were created using foam stamps with acrylic paint (white and yellow). The stamens and centres for the flowers were handpainted spots of black, white and yellow.

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of girl with a dragonfly using Jane Davenport printed napkins
Each of the dragonflies had a whitewash over the tips of their wings to lift them off the page. Shadows were added around the hair, parts of the dragonflies and flowers using a wash of black paint. Once everything was completely dry, all the extra details were drawn in using white and black paint pens.

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of girl with a dragonfly using Jane Davenport printed napkins
While wandering through my stash of Tim Holtz Stickers, I found some quotes that suited my page perfectly. The super tiny tattoo style stickers I've had for ages work well too... so cute! I haven't added anything else to the original print of the girl except for altering her eyes ever so slightly.

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of dragonflies using Jane Davenport printed napkins
Can't really see, but there is glitter glue over the wings...

Art by Jenny James, mixed media collage of girl with dragonflies using Jane Davenport printed napkins
The finished page is full of beauty and wisdom. Thoughts added from Tim Holtz Stickers were 'Shine brightly, be fearless' and 'Do all things with great love.' and my current favourite...
Not only does my mind wander… sometimes it walks off completely.
Finally, I stuck down a quote sticker from Dyan Reaveley says “Never forget your sparkle” (with more glitter glue over the word sparkle, of course).
At the top right, I added some mini banners made from left overs and wrote the letters a r t in glitter glue. There's something magical about glitter :)

Thanks for reading and looking :) I hope it made you smile!

Have a wonderful arty day!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Jenny’s Stuff and nonsense journal

I was sure that I wrote a blog on this journal, I know I did two together but for some reason it got lost how I don’t know I probably deleted it instead of publishing it.
I decided to do it in portrait formate so I could fit what I had in mind for this page, it just looked to squashed up the other way.
I drew the face first and used my usual watercolours to add colour. I did the background next in acrylic paint.

I rather liked Lisa’s idea of using tea bags I thought they would great balloons for my escaping stuff. I found as many different things as I could to collage on the page starting with her head and working upwards. I really enjoyed working with this theme it was a lot of fun

Sunday, January 6, 2019

AJ6 Words of Wisdom is home.

Another year, another Art Journal circle is complete.  It is so exciting to have it arrive and to enjoy all the wonderful contributions by our assembled group of artists.
My sincere thanks to all who added to the beauty of my art journal.

Shall we take a tour?

The Cover

Opening Page

From Robyn Osborn, a very glamorous Me.

From Roz Willoughby

From Lisa Jones, her trademark tea bags.

Louise Kirby chose my favourite colour pallette.

From Janie O'Brien.  Another very busy collage.

This one took a lot of working out.  Awesome colour from Deb Stephens.

Another unsigned spread but I recognise the beautiful portrait.  Thank you Annabelle Reid.

From Moi!

From Jenny James, a gallery of pink galahs.

And this also unsigned from Sharon Rogers a fine collection of dizzy dames.

Colleen Mulholland always produces a beauty.

And lastly my sign in message board.

Thank you all for your beautiful works, but please ALWAYS sign your work.

AAJS6: Robyn's "Dreams & Fantasies"

Hi Everyone!
Sharing my pages in Robyn's "Dreams & Fantasies" journal from a few months ago - LOL I think I forgot to blog these pages at the time so I'm catching up!
I loved how this spread turned out - the colours and images were just what I was wanting to achieve.
I started by adding blobs of paint to each page and spreading with a credit card - I didn't want to cover the entire page so it's more "random" spreading of the blobs LOL!

Next I used a stencil and some Pearl finish paint and applied with a sponge randomly over the page - the pearl paint is great for adding some nice shimmer!
I also added some white paint using the same stencil randomly over the page as well.
Next I tore some Tim Holtz patterned tissue paper and adhered randomly over both pages. I did add a very thin "wash" of gesso over the pages to tone down the paint colours slightly after adding the tissue paper pieces.
Next step was putting my paper doll elements together - by Art Tea Life of course - LOL I'm like a broken record but this is my fav collage store - has the perfect images that I like to create with!

I used an alphabet stamp set to stamp out the "Dare to Dream" wording - I cut each letter out and edged with a sharpie.
Adhere the letters to one half of the spread:
And the paper doll to the other half:
Hope Robyn enjoys her journal when it returns home!
Sharon :)