Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lisa playing in Colleen's Paper Napkin Journal!

Colleen's theme is Paper Napkin Art which is a really fun theme.  The journal is a lovely big A4 affair, and the way that Colleen has sewn around it makes you think it's actually cloth covered, not collaged!

I'm not a huge collector of napkins, but I did have the foresight to join the recent napkin swap, to bolster my collection!

So I started out just gathering my napkins together, looking at colours, and trying to pick out things that would/could go together.

Seems I must sub-consciously like butterflies, because I found heaps that included them!

Or is it just that they're a common theme for napkins?


Oh - not just butterflies - found a cute little birdy too.  This bird was from my favourite napkin.  And I think the only napkin that I used all of!

It included:

a sail boat (which I cut up)
the wind
and French writing.

I love French writing!  It looks so elegant, and even the most mundane words or phrases are transformed into something magical when they're in French.

I lost count of the number of times that I glued a piece of napkin down... only to find that I had missed one of the layers.  And thus had succeeded in gluing down a bit of white stuff.  Aarrggghhh!  I did leave a few bits for a bit more texture.

I thought it was really apt that I found a napkin with the words

Jardin des Papillon on it -

Garden of Butterflies!

And here's the whole spread.  A big mess of lots of different napkins and layers all collaged together, and highlighted with white and black gel pens.

I enjoyed doing this Colleen, hope you like it too!

Cheers, Lisa x

Friday, June 15, 2018

Annabelle's Gypsy Girl

I had to go on an emergency trip to my mothers in May which meant taking Louise’s journal with me, and only limited supplies just my watercolours.
Whenever I think of Gypsies I think of horses, the two just go together. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to draw or paint a passable horse but I had to give it a try.
I started by sketching out my idea
And painting in her face. I then realised that I would have to make the horse a bit more whimsical to fit in with the gypsy girl. I used masking fluid on her scarf to make it easier to paint. I knew that I had to have gold on it ( not sure it shows in the photos) and her. It took me a while to decide on what to do with the background. In the end I went with a very simple landscape.I then added my quote,unfortunately I don’t have a photo of finished spread (I don’t know where it went to ) I hope you like your gypsy girl Louise 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Jennys Stuff and Nonsense Journal

Jennys Stuff and Nonsense Journal Did a Frog page as I know she likes frogs did a Butterfly one as well hope you like them Jenny xx

Deb's entry in round 6- Music and Lyrics journal.

How does one even pick a favourite song?? One single song?
I have a few favorites that I listen to when I'm feeling nostalgic or happy or needing to get energized etc. So I decided to do an interactive addition to this Journal entry because the song itself always draws such a strong reaction for me.
The song I picked by Don Williams is an old one and it reminds me of my father. He viewed the world much like these simple but powerful lyrics of the song "I believe in you".  I didn't get to write out the lyrics of the whole song out but if you wish to listen to it there is a link provided below.

I used a selection of distress oxide inks for the base and wrote the words in black fine liner. I added a distressed and foiled  die cut of a butterfly with a trail of music notes behind it.

Anyway, the second part to this entry is a crossword puzzle that I created on a free crossword generator on the worldwideinterweb lol..and I have used the magic slider technique on a smaller scale for cards so I thought why not here? I printed the empty crossword and clues (which are the names of some of my favorite songs) on clear overhead transparency and then the reader has to guess the names of the artists.

To check if your guess is correct you need to pull the tab that says 'Pull here" and slide the insert up to slowly reveal the answers underneath...Tada! There are dies that do this on a smaller scale but I looked just looked at the mechanics of it and made it bigger. There are also you tube videos that show you how to do it without dies.

 My kids  have loved guessing and opening and shutting the tab to see if they were right so I hope all of you enjoy this entry as well.

Much Love, 

The Wandering Mind

When I knew this was the next journal I would be working on I was thinking about elephants but Deb beat me to it! I spent a lot of time thinking about what exotic animal I could do or should I do exotic blooms or maybe a place in the end I just started sketching and this was the result

Next I started with watercolours and her face, while I was doing this I decided to add collage elements as well so I stopped and added the background then I moved onto the flowers. I decided to leave her hair white as there was so much going on.(maybe a little to much)

While I was working on another project I found the title, it just fitted so perfectly.

Friday, June 8, 2018

AAJS6: Sharon's Page in Deb's "The Magic of Alice" Journal

Hi Everyone!
Sharing my page/s in Deb's "Alice" themed journal - and who doesn't love to create "Alice" themed???
I decorated the double page spread and the "fold" over half page - LOL just couldn't stop adding Alice pics - so much fun!

I started by adding Gesso to the double page and the folded half as a base. once that was dry I drew a line to divide the page where I wanted to adhere the pics and spritzed ink sprays and water and allowed the drops to run down the page. Once I had the bottom half done and dried I turned the page upside down and worked to add drips in the other direction. does that make sense??? Hopefully the pics show what I am talking about!!

I printed out my digi stamps which are by Vera Lane Studio - I design for VLS so love to work with the quirky and fun characters and these "Alice" themed digis were absolutely perfect!!!
I printed them on "linen" cardstock which is not the correct blending card for my Copic markers but I love the effect and quality of the linen card and still like the way the colouring turned out!

I also printed out wording, also by Vera Lane Studio
 and cut out the wording and edged with matching coloured Copics that I used to colour the pics!
I fussy cut the characters and adhered them to the pages along with some "doodling" to cover the pencil line I had added as a guide for the ink drips and picture placement.
So love how the pages turned out!

Can't wait to work in the next journal coming my way!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Colleen's page in Walk like an Egyptian

Annabelle's journal is just gorgeous, with a beautiful textured cover. 
I decided to do my pages on the everyday life in Egypt as I had some really nice collage material for it. I started with a painted background.

Then added my collage pieces

Added some grasses with paint pens & stamping & then outlined the building & tree trunks. 

Hope you like it Annabelle.