Thursday, January 22, 2015

My spread in Reniet's Journal - Laughter in Spite of the Pain

The "smile" page represents how hard it is to smile when in any type of pain. I covered the page with Paynes Grey acrylic paint. It seemed more appropriate than black which was my initial idea. I then used some stencils and a baby wipe to move some of the colour and add some texture. I also did some  stenciling through the stencils with the paint. I printed out the clip art on matte photo paper and added them to the page. Again I did some stenciling to incorporate them into the page and to show the "smiles" through the pain. I printed out the words and went over them with black pastel glider. I added a bit of colour to the letters. The circles are from a napkin and are there to balance the page. I did some outlining with a brown permanent pen and edged the page with metallic green paint from Pentart.

The clown page - I started by stenciling the whole page with the Paynes Grey paint and added some metallic paint from Pentart to add some colour.  I then gesso'd the area where the clowns would go so that they would stand out more.They were also printed on matte photo paper. I printed out the quote and coloured the letters with neon pens (no name). I coloured over the cut out quote with gelatos to get rid of the white. Outlined the quote with gold paint pen and a black gel pen. Edged the page with metallic paint and added a bit more colour to the page with Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens. I also added the buttons coming out of the trumpet as the birds in the original clip art piece were too hard to save!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan does The Art of Transformation in January

Sorry this took so long to get done, life intervenes!
This is a beautiful handmade journal and I was tossing around several ideas as to what to include.
I decided to document a bit of the transformation that my art practice has gone through over the last 50 years!
I hope you like it Louise. I think I could do a whole journal just on this theme.

Started off with stencils and spray inks and added some pictures from napkins and washi tapes and some lovely Japanese origami printed papers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mon's work in Deb's Natura journal

Deb's Natura journal was one I was hanging out to work in for a long time and yet it took a couple of starts to get into the flow.

 A while back while researching Nettles I came upon a passage from a book by Stephen Harrod Buhner ("The lost language of plants") that stated that Elder trees (Sambucus nigra) were keystone species and as such attract bacteria, mycelia etc. to them and "tell" the plants around them what to do and how to behave. They are the leaders of their plant communities.

Being a big fan of Elder I knew I wanted to base my entry in Deb's journal on it. Elder trees have a vast amount of folklore, superstition and of course also remedies written about them.

I chose to paint the Elder Mother sitting under her tree, teaching and guarding her "Queendom".

I added a charm to the spine of the journal with some handmade Elder beads from a stick from my Elder tree. They are fun and quick to make as the soft pith in the center is easily hollowed out.

I dyed them with alcohol ink and carved the Elder symbol "Ruis" from the Celtic Ogham in to the focal bead. There are a couple of Job's tears beads from the garden too and a needle felted leaf.

 I really enjoyed working in Deb's journal.

Mon's work in Danielle's journal

Danielle's beautiful journal has the theme of: A witch's book of mirrors.

Danielle asked for a herbal theme so I chose to journal about my current fascination with Ikaria, a little Greek Island known for its citizens' longevity.

Herbal teas are drunk frequently on the island and I have been experimenting making my own mixtures with what I have on hand from the garden.

I kept my palette quite restricted and muted to go with the vintage theme.

The pages came together quite spontaneous and without much planning and I enjoyed working this way.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Louises page in Momento Mori

Momento Mori has certainly been challenging us all
 as it makes it was around our beautiful country.
 I have been thinking about this one for quite a while.  

We had a huge storm sweep in recently 
whilst I was contemplating the fact we are all very mortal
 and as I watched it gather power and overcome all the challenges
 in its path at such a ferocious speed
 I started to think how short a time all life has,
 be it that raging storm, ourselves or the trees around us.

I took those themes 
and was also inspired by the colour pallet
 of that sunset storm for my pages. 

First of all I did a black stencilled background as I was so inspired by Roz's gorgeous background. I wanted mine to look like trees in a wild storm with gathering darkness. 

Then I created all the elements I wanted to use in my spread, the clock face, the wings and an hourglass and I recycled some gold packaging I have been holding onto for ever to make my letters and played around with placement for a couple of days. 

Then I came across this great quote by Ansel Adams-

├ľur time is so short
And the future so terrifyingly long.
Through the art of brush, pen and lens...
We possess a swift and sure means
of touching the conscience
and clearing the vision. 

So I had to add that.

I decided to make "Tempus Fugit" time flies,
the flying clock as an openable page in itself,

that reveals the quote and the watching hour glass.

I have also done a walk though this journal
 and published it at River Girl Art  if you would like a peek.

Working in this journal also bought to memory another quote- 

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do 
with your one wild and precious life?”