Saturday, November 12, 2016

Flowers for Wendy

I love painting, drawing and making paper flowers so the hardest thing about this theme was choosing what to create!

The other pages in Wendy's journal are so beautiful, I had to make something worthy :) so with daisies on the brain, I started...

Of course, my hands said otherwise and I ended up with a background of blues! Waterlillies then... don't you love how our art makes up its own mind? I love those gorgeous flowers, and lotuses too!

I used Distress paints and stencils with a blending tool for the water background and handpainted the leaves. Those blue shiny highlights and water ripples are nail polish.

The petals were all handcut from scrapbook paper, edged with Distress ink.

I found a journal tag and altered it, then chopped it apart when I realised it was way too big! The ladybug and word 'celebrate' were painted over with clear shimmery Wink of Stella, not that you can see it here... but Wendy will see it!

The finished page needed smaller buds so more petals were cut out. Then some more shimmer was added... just a little :)

Mum and I had a bit of discussion about the difference between a waterlily and lotus... aside from the petal shape and those groovy pods of the lotus, they're similar and both are in lots of stunning colours... even purple and yellow! Simply gorgeous they all are :)

Enjoy celebrating all the big, little, tiny, large and enormous things of our world! Hope you like it Wendy :)

Happy Creative Day!

Deb's Pinterest - Water Girl by Natalie S

Hi everyone, I've created this journal page for Deb's Pinterest journal. I've used Pinterest as a means to teach myself how to journal with different mediums. In this piece I started out with gesso stencilling a few ferns. Then I watered down blue, green and yellow acrylic paint to create a wash. I used these colors to create my background. Then I drew in my Water Girl using Derwent Color Pencils and markers. I then made thicker mixes of green and blue paints and gave her hair. I hope you like her xx

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Aphorisms as I see them.

Wendy's journal is a delight.  I love the feel of it, it's very light and very colourful.  Thank heavens for Prof Google, as I had never really heard the word before.

So armed with all the knowledge I could gain from said Prof G I set to work. I decided to base my work on being kind and so, here it is.

While I had Wendy's journal I decided to photograph the other pages to share as not every post gets blogged.  I will include names where I can read signatures.

Cover and Wendy's spread.

Not sure who did the Picasso.


 This is Robyn's cleverness

This spread is from Gail Bourke.

Can't see a name on this luscious spread.  It is wonderfully detailed and textured.

From Lisa Griffin-Gledhill

This lovely piece is from Rose Bosse/ Rose/ Possum.....not sure which name :)

Lisa Jones has worked her magic.

Some lovely work here from Joan Mannix.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Lisa J - Working in Jan's Faces and Figures Journal

Jan's journal is in Round 2 and her baby arrived home last month, with a few empty pages.  So I jumped at the chance to fill one of those blank spots, and Jan was happy to oblige!

I love drawing/painting faces and trying to improve on my techniques, so knew this is what  I wanted to do.  I found an interesting face in Pinterest to use as a guide.  

For my background I laid down part of a French diary I have, a beautiful peacock feather serviette, some gelli printed papers, and an old book page.  The remainder was given a pink wash with watercolour.

I painted my girl in, and used water soluble pencil for her features.  I love the way Toni Burt does this, and in my next life I want to be able to paint like her! :)

Her hair was done with modelling paste, and didn't quite turn out how I had hoped.  Oh well, art is all about experimenting after all!  To go with the pink background I decided to give her purple hair.

I added a few pink stencils and stamped images to complete the background.

The journalling came from a song that I love - Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Hope you like it Jan!