Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grimoire - Monika's Journal

The theme for my journal is Grimoire. Here's a sneek peak at my journal so far:

I made the journal from scratch using mat board offcuts covered in soft leather from a hideous secondhand 80s leather jacket onto which I have painted the tree and glued stitched and leather leaves onto.

It is a Coptic bound journal with more stitched leaves sewn into the spine. The paper for the pages is 300gsm Watercolour paper so it will be robust enough to withstand serious mixed media treatments.

The inside cover is from a wallpaper sample book.  And opposite the first page.

Here the back inside cover with a favourite Roald Dahl quote and a pocket on the right where there will be a little surprise awaiting each participant.

The back cover has a leather abracadabra triangle.
This is where I am at so far I still got to do my double page as well as the surprises.

The Art of Transformation - Louise's journal

I finally the time and space today to make my new journal this afternoon.

I am doing Soul Food this year 
and just watched Grace Howe's beautiful journal making class.
We have only just started this fantastic art course that is covering so many creative possibilities, in 2 weeks we have done a beautiful mixed media piece, some fabulous drawings, a really groovy collage and the journal making- all of the "Sous-Chefs" are sharing some delicious recipes to feed our bellies as well as our souls, so if you want to join us its certainly not too late.

 I combined some of Grace's techniques with my own.
- writing intentions for my journal on the first layer of the outside cover

and using stencils,
I am so into stencils lately that they would have been in there anyway

adding the layers to the outside cover

 and the inside cover is coming along 

my traveling art journal, ready for me to do some work inside now.