Monday, August 31, 2015

Ready to go

Here is my book
The cover is boringly traditional I am afraid so

it's up to you to make sure the inside sings!...........................

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tash's Entry in Reniet's "Laughter in the Face of Pain" Journal

Hi everyone,

I am the "Hitchhiker" who was picked up along the end of this journal's journey, after a visit to Louise's, led to an invitation to contribute a page to this touching journal. I must say, I have felt truly honoured to be allowed to make a contribution in what is my first travelling journal and it was lovely to see everyone's entries along the way.

I was very touched by the backstory to this very personal journal and I wanted my page to be a celebration of light overcoming darkness and of survival.

I loved the quote by Josh James Redbook, which is exactly what I wanted to express in this page:

"Laughter is the Evidence that we are still here, the proof that our tragedies will not define us forever. Laughter is the language of the Survivor".

My page depicts Faith among a field of colour; happy, laughing and blowing the bubbles which have pushed the darkness away. I think anyone who is a parent can remember a time when their little one expressed immense joy and laughter at the simple act of blowing bubbles. This was the joyous scene that I wanted to encapsulate. Those simple pleasures that we all want to retain forever in our minds and hearts.

To Reniet, Faith and her family, I hope you enjoy this page as much as I enjoyed making it for you and may I wish you all Love, Light, Joy and Good Health.

Tash Daly

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Faces and Figures is ready to be launched on its journey around Australia.

Well I have made another journal. It is a pretty simple one. 

Just some watercolour paper made up in to two signatures and stitched together with a Kraft card cover(an old drawing from a Tafe course I did over 11 years ago, great recycling!)

Here is the cover. it is 19 x 26cm so will not be too bulky or expensive to post. It has an elastic to keep it closed.

And here is a page inside.
I have created two pockets on the inside cover and included some stencils and masks that you can choose to use or not. Have fun!

Flowers is ready to travel..Wendy Mason:

Friday, August 14, 2015

Round 2 of the Australian Art Journal Swap

Our journals are being finalised
 in the next fortnight and being wrapped up safe to embark
 on their wonderful journey 
collecting art and wisdom and love
 as they travel around our beautiful country. 

We have 10 different artists working on 10 different themes
 and travelling through five states 
we might need artists to represent Tasmania
 and the Northern Territory in the next round.

Our journals will follow a circuit, we have 
Wendy with her beautiful Flowers journal, 
on the Tweed - NSW Qld border who will send to
Robyn in Tenambit NSW whose journal is Garden themed  then
Roz at Marangaroo with her Tattered, Torn and Treasured journal
Jan in Sydney with her journal Faces and Figures
 then heading down to Victoria
to our dear Rachel
 with her gorgeous journal The garden of my Imagination 
in Melbourne and we have
 Konni in Castlemaine and Gail in Victoria as well,
Then across the Nullabor to 
Jenny in Adelaide with her Ocean Life journal
 then further west to our very own Sharon in WA
 she has a gorgeous journal devoted to Vintage Circus and Carnival
and back to Queensland
 where Lee is sending out her lovely Evolve journal 
to  explore how we all came to be the artists we are today!

I still have a couple of spots
 but we are launching on September 1st 
so you do need to be quick.