Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tattered, Torn and Treasured - Books, Toys and Teddies

Tattered, Torn and Treasured... Another one done and ready to post.

I started with layers of green and blue acrylic paint with two different types of washi tape. The wide one is pretty cool :) Then I slathered on Distress Crackle Paint and left it to dry. So wrapped with how it dried ... I hope they last the journey home. 

The pages were scrunched and ripped a bit before inking over each piece with 'walnut stain' Distress ink.

The bears you will recognise I'm sure :) They're Forever Friends bears ... I found them in a scrapbook paper pack I bought about 7 years ago. Still adorable after all these years :)

The book is from a Darkroom Door stam with glued rolls of paper under the pages to hold them in place. I've used watercolour pencils for the "inked" edges, extra colours and added shadows.

It was a great theme to create, thanks Roz! Hope you like it :)

Wonder what journal I'll get next? Loving this swap, thanks for organising us Louise!


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