Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pam's Monochrome Journal.

First may I say thanks for having me as a latecomer.  I was gifted a semi-made journal by my lovely daughter Louise, so I have spent some time finishing it off.  I added end papers, stitched the signatures in and lined the edges with lace.  Very feminine  :)

I worked on my Title Page with stencils and paint
and printed off a copy of an earlier piece to illustrate my title.
Then I needed to do my spread.
 I had a hard time deciding which one colour I would use as usually I paint a rainbow.  
Eventually I settled on a turquoise colour. 
 I wanted lotuses and butterflies.
Finally found a quote I liked and there it is.
Hope you like it and I hope you all enjoy working in it.


  1. You have transformed it and made it your own and it is beautiful :) Thank you for blogging and being my guinea pig after I have been fiddling with our blog.

  2. Gorgeous Pam! Look forward to playing in your journal x


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