Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lisa G's First blog .. theme Enchanted

Hi ladies ,
Well this is my first time ever blogging, but not journaling..
I run a 4 journal circles of my own ,on facebook and have worked with many of you doing ATCs etc.
So I am very excited to start this one with you all..
As I said I have never blogged before so it may take me a while to get the hang of it..
My theme is Enchanted , I choose this because I have an autistic daughter who is obesest with fairy's and unicorns etc.. So when this comes back she wants to look at everyone's way of interpretation of enchanted make believe land...
I didn't do the front cover of my journals I find it gets knocked around in post sometimes, but above is my first page done it . My journal is A5
Lisa Griffin-Gledhill


  1. Beautiful :) Love the theme! Going to love creating a page for your journal.

  2. Well done Lisa, lovely page,lovely theme and great blogging :)

  3. Your page is beautiful Lisa and so is the reason you chose it. I hope it makes your daughter very happy when it returns to you.

  4. Lovely page Lisa, looking forward to working in your journal! x

  5. I am looking forward to working in your journal as well. I love the theme you have chosen.


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