Sunday, February 7, 2016

Inspiration is Everywhere

Life As I See It... My page of Gail's journal is finally finished :) I'm happy with it now, so tomorrow I'll pop it in the post to Sharon. 
Sorry it took so long! It arrived at the same time as 2 of the others, so I've probably put it all out of order too!

After white washing over most of what I'd done before, I pulled a few things off and added new layers with pics and words. 

I found great inspiration for the theme in the Flow magazine extras (notebooks). I got really stuck with the theme but after I let go of trying to analyse what it means, I found things that reflected my beliefs. 

I crossed out 'not' and wrote 'make' because to get everything done I want to do, I need to make time. I cut apart a few lines of text for the various words on the page including "take a deep breath and focus on the positive". 

Must remember to write my name and date before posting :)

I hope you like it!

Happy Creative Day!


  1. Love your page Jenny and all the journaling I love words in art journals :)

  2. Looks lovely and a great rethink

  3. Looks great Jenny. I like the evolution side of it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you everyone, ever so much! The new blog layout is beautiful Louise :) I'm loving all the swirls and orange and new font. Love it lots :)


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