Sunday, November 19, 2017

Roz's Silhouettes By Wendy

One of my favourite themes is the silhouette and I finally had the chance to work in Roz Willoughby's silhouette themed journal. The pages were quite large compared to what I normally work in but I found it rather freeing, imagination wise, to try to fit something large onto the page.
After having a good think I decided to put a few smaller shaped silhouettes into the layout and making them integrated by using a window frame. I sketched the shape of the window, cut it out of some photocopy paper and this was the start of my layout.

I then copied the frame on to pages, length wise and to add a bit of interest around the outside of the frame, I ended up doing some stamping with a script stamp all the way around the edge. I then proceeded to add colour to the inside parts of the windows. The top section I wanted a full moon, night time scene so I used black and whire to get a haized effect. The middle set of windows I used shades of blue to create an ocean, water type of scenery and the last bottom two frames of the window, I went for more of a sunset vibe.

Once the background window colours were in place, I drew and cut some symbols for a template: two dogs, a dolphin, a bird and a human figure. I placed them on the window frames and traced around them. Then coloured them all black for the silhouette look. The last part was to paint the black window frame in, which brought the whole layout together.

I thoroughly enjoyed working in Roz's journal and I really love the outcome of my layout. If you wish to watch the whole process, I have included the video below. Thank you!

AAJS5: Janie's "Whimsical" Journal!

Hi Everyone

Today I am sharing my page in Janie's "Whimsical" journal and I have to say I just love this theme - right up my alley to create a fun page for this month!!!!
Firstly I have to say how much I love everyone's pages already created in this journal - they are fab - Janie you will love this when it finally makes it's way back to you!!

As usual I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my page to look like and so I grabbed all my "supplies" and got started!!

I didn't need to "prep" my page with Gesso - the pages are nice and thick and we are each working on one side of the page and folding it in half - I like this concept!!
Fist step was to adhere some printed and white tissue paper to the page background. I scrunched some of the white tissue to make a few lumps and bumps for texture!! I used gel medium to adhere the tissue to the page and allowed to dry.

Next I grabbed some acrylic paint, a water spritzer and a brayer.

I pup "blobs" of paint on the page, sprayed with water as I didn't want a thick coverage and brayered it to cover the page.

See the "shimmer" on the page - I added a "pearl" medium with the coloured paint - some more interest to the page!

As I just love texture I have added some modelling paste through a stencil randomly over the page for even more interest LOL!! I set this aside to dry.

Once the modelling paste dried I wanted to add more colour and depth so I have "coloured" the raised stencil areas with water soluble crayons using co-ordinating colours.
Spritzed with water and rubbed in to dissolve with my finger - just love the added dimension to the page by doing this simple step!!

In between all the layers drying I printed off my collage paper dolls and started cutting them out putting them together and making my "whimsical" characters!!
I will just give a "plug" for the totally fab Etsy Store I get most of my collage sheets from "Art Tea Life" - I have been buying for quite a few years and the owner is such a lovely lady - she always loves to see what I have been creating with her digital creations!!! So if you love collage pintable's pop to THE STORE and check out what she has!!!!

Now finally putting it all together - laying it out and gluing it all down plus adding some extra embellies like washi tape, cloth scraps, a feather and I added some cotton to the buttons on the tall gal! I know it's a "busy" page but I love a lot of texture colour and "happenings" and to me "whimsy" is a little bit mad and chaotic!!!

And just before I finish this post - Janie also has an index card for each of us to write a little bit on - here is mine - of course I had to decorate it completely LOL!!!!
I really hope Janie likes what I have done!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

AASG5: Wendy Mason's "Word" Journal by Sharon!


I am sharing my page made in Wendy's "Word" themed journal for the round robin - lots of fun to create this page! And as you can see my word is "WISH"!!!
I started with "blobs" of paint in the colour scheme I wanted to work with that matched the digital papers I had printed out from "We Are 3" along with the digi stamp I had coloured up by "Sandra Caldwell"!!
I used my brayer to spread the paint around - being careful to still keep the separate colours and not end up with mud LOL!!! Next was some stencilling with white gesso to break up the colour a little and add some more dimension.

I printed out the digital papers from We Are 3 plus printed and coloured the Sandra Caldwell digi with pastel pencils, spray sealed and fussy cut. I "distressed" the printed paper edges with a distressing tool to add some more texture and interest.

I used the "spotty" paper from the paper set to stamp the "WISH" letters into with a pink archival ink and I then punched them out with a round punch - worked perfectly the way I wanted it to!
Next I adhered all the paper layers and also some pink ink sprayed muslin cloth to the journal pages.

 I'm really happy with how this turned out - love the colour, papers and main image! I punched the "extra" spots from the printed paper to use over the pages as well to fill some of the space and tie in with the lettering.

Such a cute and fun digi and I thought the row of books on the printed paper went well with the word "WISH" - "Dreams Come True" - if you wish for them!!

Hope Wendy is happy when she gets to see the pages in real life!! I love what everyone else has done! So great to get so many different styles and interpretations in the one journal - something that makes a great keepsake!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Spread in Janie's "WHIMSICAL" Journal

I had some lovely floral pages from Daphne's Diary and there was also a page with Floral Ice Cream images. This was my starting point as I thought this would be whimsical. I ripped up the pages somewhat and adhered them with Gesso and also added a layer of diluted Gesso on top.

I had a bird image that has been lying around for ages so I decided to cut it out and use it. It is from The Graphics Fairy. I also cut out the Ice Cream images and tried out some embellishments - the doily and cotton trim.

This is the final result after deciding what I liked best.  I added the resin clock face and the metal rose & butterfly and also changed the ice creams around a bit. I had to snip a bit off the rose as it was on the fold which I hadn't realised till later!!  I added the same trim to the bottom as well. 
Hope you like it Janie.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lisa working in Pam's "Inspired by Teesha" Journal

When I read about Pam's journal theme, I had heard of Teesha Moore, but didn't really know much about her work.  So I checked out her blog and was blown away by her quirky and whimsical style!

But then I thought, how am I going to emulate this woman's art?  It's so not me!

My word for this year (if I had actually picked one...!) would be CHALLENGE.  So I thought what the hell, just give it a go!

I went through my meagre magazine collection looking for quirky things to cut out, and did find a few that I thought would suit.  I was also lucky enough to win a box of stuff from Kaiser earlier this year, so had a bit of a stash of die cuts.

As we were going away on holidays to Vietnam mid month, my aim was to finish my spread and send it to Lesley early.  So the sensible thing would have been to pick a page without a flap.  Did I?  No...!  So instead of doing two pages I had to do four.  Thus I had to finish it after we got back, so apologies to all!

So here are my pages.  I'm not confident at all that they look like Teesha's work, but they are quirky, weird, and colourful!

First page: duck with attitude.  Whatever you choose to do in life, OWN IT.

Second page - mermaids and scooters.  Take a bite of life!

Third page - Picasso head.  We all have many faces.

And fourth page - Foxy lady - hello beautiful!

Hope you like them Pam, I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone!

Cheers, Lisa xx

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Trees for Louise by Jenny

Sorry its taken so long to add my blog post ... time escaped me again - but I also was a tad overwhelmed of where to start talking about this page. I took so many photos along the way - only 152! lol :) Who knows what I was thinking at the time!

Louise's book is incredible! I love it. When I first saw her theme, I was going to paint or draw something like one of those abstract modern trees with all the curly branches, then I thought of that night / day painting I love... then the book arrived! Wow :D It had to be a page that was worthy of Louise and her beautiful book. So I decided upon a flowering Red Gum. But of course they're tall and strong and huge ... this book is a wide landscape. When searching for pics of trees I came across bonsai trees, why didn't I think of that before? So a Bonsai Red Gum was what I've grown for Louise. Hope she likes it!

I love stencils :) There are literally thousands of them out there plus the blank sheets of plastic (packaging, paper, card, scraps ... anything can be a stencil or mask). I seem to have collected a few over the years! lol For Louise's page I've used stencils from Tim Holtz and Darkroom Door's Wildflower (small clean one on the right, its not clean anymore).

The page started out being a whole background of Tim Holtz Melange Tissue Paper. The one with music and butterflies :) Trusting the mess is really hard. The colours aren't what I wanted, the stencils didn't look like a forest of wildflowers... but "trust the mess" we're always told. Its just a background...!

How pretty and delicate are these Tim Holtz wildflowers? They've been die cut using both sets of Tim Holtz Thinlits Wildflower Dies with my Cuttlebug. The flowers on the left are handmade ricepaper and the others are made of kraft cardboard.

Layer upon layer the picture started looking like a tree with a garden. The tree was painted (planted! lol) using a mixture of watercolours and pencils. All the browns turned grey and the reds looked too red and out of place. Trust the mess... who invented that phrase anyway? How did they know to trust it when the art just doesn't look how you want it to look? Breathe... what will be will be :)

All the wildflowers were glued in place using gel medium. At least they seemed to calm down the mess. It needed to dry so gave up looking at it and went onto making the flowers and leaves.

The gum leaves were made from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Adhesive Backed Textile Sheets and watercolour paper.

This pic shows the lightest piece of Tim's textile sheeting before I misted it with water.

Here is the string ready to be coloured. My first idea was to paint the blossoms and just attached bits of string but that soon changed to having more string and less card!

To colour the string, I used Derwent Inktense art sticks. I used three different reds and then sprayed it with water and squished it around. I did this a few times until the string was totally soaked in red ink. I guess using a dye bath would have been better, or I could have soaked the string using Distress Stains but I just wanted to use my art sticks! They're so cool :)

I love string! Dying the string with the Inktense art sticks coloured the card at the same time. I had such a lovely time :)

Love the red in this photo! Such a beautiful colour, one of my favourites :) Its only here because of that! lol :)

Almost dry... string, card and fabric ready to get turned into flowering red gum blossoms.

Luckily it was windy when I hung out the string to dry so I was able to make the flowers the next day (instead of waiting till later). So grateful for my Tim Snips because their micro-serated blades cut the string bulk alot easier than my other craft scissors.

A bit of yellow Enamel Accents (3D paint) was spotted delicately on the printouts and smooshed everywhere on the ends of the string flowers.

All the gum leaves were handcut ("fussy" cut... not that I was too fussy!). Some are a better shape than others, but I do love how the colours have behaved and dried the proper gum leaf green.

Pegs are the best invention!

This is a closeup of the leaves and gum blossoms. The veins were drawn with red pencil. It always amazes me how things change after they've dried and been put together! So pleased with how these flowers have turned out :)

These adorable little birds and leaves were made by my Dad (handcut between pieces of craftwood on his scrollsaw).

I used watercolours to paint the birds... it soaked in a bit but once they dried, they looked fine. These are a new species of bird - a spoggiestar! Spoggy is sparrow, star from starling... not that they need to be real birds, its only art :)

Learning to Fly ... art journal page by Jenny James using stickers from Tim Holtz

A few stickers by Tim Holtz were added. I love the sayings Tim's found and collated together for his sticker packs and washi tape. I have a computer and printer with the whole internet filled with quotes and clever sayings, plus hundreds of books! But there's something awesome about stickers and I don't know what it is, I just know I love stickers :)
We have an advert down here in SA about teaching kids to budget (from a bank). The Dad says, "is it a need or a want?" and the little girl says "but Daddy, they're stickers...". Yep. I totally get what she's saying :) lol

finished page using many textiles, inks and paints

So here it is, a bonsai flowering river red gum (eucalyptus camaldulensis). Thanks to Louise for such a wonderful theme. I loved making this page :) xx Jenny