Monday, December 18, 2017

Annabelle's Under the Sea

I really enjoyed working in this journal. I started out doing a background using Gobal high flow paints as they are transparent 

I went from light to dark then put a sandy colour on the bottom and went over some of it with blue paint. I then added my collage pieces

I am sorry that this post isn’t very well done but Blogger isn’t very iPad friendly 

This isn’t  in the journal but it was my inspiration for the spread
I just couldn’t seem to stop lol I found so many whale pictures in my stash , I just had to use them all. The tiny diver is in scale to the whales. 
I found this picture of Neptune and I couldn’t leave him out, then my warped sense of humour kicked in
I finally added my quote and I was done with my fun !


  1. Love your pages Annabelle. I tidied up your post a little on my phone. I too dont have a pc atm so can empathise. I really appreciate that you do persevere and post your blogs though.

  2. Love it. I really like how you did the background and the top of the sea. The images are great. Well done!!

  3. Your water looks amazing Annabelle and I absolutely love whales and have so many encounters with them at the beach this past whale season. Can't wait to see this in real life! xx

  4. Love those vibrant blues Annabelle! <3


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