Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Three Spinners

Jenny's travelling art journal
"Once Upon A Time"
Tales by the Brothers Grimm
has been sitting in my studio all month calling to me whilst I was madly finishing off the biggest collaborative painting I have ever done. 

I struggled for a long time finding a tale or story that felt right for me and inspired me in some way.

Eventually I started to panic about my looming deadline and laid down the background stencil. I knew I wanted to play with my new supplies and once those decisions were made things started to flow more easily. Its funny how just a couple of little steps can get you started on a page.

I still had to choose a tale, I liked some of the animal characters but not the dark and mean themes I found in many of the stories. 

Finally I settled on 
"The Three Spinners"
Mainly because they were 3 kind supportive women and apart from a frustrated mother there were no dark characters.

Of course I enjoyed it once I started to relax and play, the art is the easy bit, it's the chosing what to do that is the tricky part.

 There are threads of words and thinking that connect us through time and space. Reading stories of the Grimm Brothers it is wonderful to see how far we as a species have evolved, and also how we have maintained so many traits.

Oh and that huge painting I have been working on for the last 8 months- "Magnolia Cottage" Fully painted ( and restored) inside and out - yay team!


  1. Well done Louise. Perseverance is the winner here :) Your ladies are very cool and the background is great.
    Good job!!

  2. Love the journal, and the supplies! Nice. And what a wonderful job on the house, I admire your stamina, I know it is really hard work, well done to all of you.

  3. very cute illustration and, yes, it's always fun and inspiring to break out new art supplies 😉

  4. Fantastic page and nice to hear of a less known fairytale. Love the renovation also.

  5. Great page Louise! Lovely interpretation, and your house looks beautiful!

  6. Love what you've done to your house! Such a fab colour, and finished just in time for summer and Christmas :D
    The page looks fantastic. Love wools and yarns! Being in such a supportive group makes this page so perfect! Thank you :D
    I know what you mean about the characters... but while so many of their stories are of mean, selfish and greedy people with nasty endings, they're interesting and there are a few more positive ones! Plus the ones Walt Disney altered :)
    Grimms were around a long time ago, back when they thought they had to scare children to behaving and when people were scared of anything they didn't understand (which was everything!). Thank goodness most people are decent now... but there are a few that still have lessons to learn - not sure they will, but none are in my life anymore! Always grateful for that :D

    Anyway, back to you - thank you Louise! xxx

    1. Thank you Jenny, it really was fascinating to learn more about the Bros. Grimm and the times they lived in. What an amazing world we live in.

  7. Great background Louise and a wonderful tale so well depicted. Congrats on finishing the house.


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