Saturday, December 30, 2017

Simply Whimsical Galahs for Janie

Simply Whimsical is a fabulous choice to use for an art journal page. Thanks so much Janie, for choosing such a brilliantly fun theme.

I'm being totally selfish and blogged all the how-tos at my own craft blog (A Life Less Ordinary) so when I'm sharing it in the Tim Holtz Addicts group in Facebook, everyone who's interested sees my shop! Google will like it too, because then our blogs are linked but not identical :) A win for both of our blogs.

Why do this? Well, I used my favourite nutty adorable birds (by Tim), a host of stencils (by Tim), stickers (more by Tim), the new Sidekick (Tim's) and some of Tim's pretty Botanical Die-Cuts. Lots of Tim Treasures in this one :D

I used other things as well, like Dylusions paints, Dina Wakley Art Sticks (also called Scribble Sticks), and um... Mermaid Markers (surprise! lol).

rough sketch of my page before it was turned into a flock of happy galahs

Above: Rough sketch of my idea. Not bad hey? It finished exactly as planned - apart from them being galahs and not magpies, birds on a wire not a tree and no nest in sight (or pencil or brush or egg). Yep, totally the same! lol :)

The background is Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions acrylic paint in 3 colours (Mushy Peas, Vanilla Custard and Slate Grey) with White Linen splattered over the top. Its amazing how a little bit of white adds life! Love the paper Janie's book is made with too. I added an essay to the cards that are travelling about with the journal... I didn't mean to make it so long, but I was chatting about stuff and it sort of oozed out.

I was thinking of adding Dyan's adorable birds to this page too but they're just too ladylike to hang out with this mob of galahs!

To save me telling you twice, this link will take you to my craft blog (which is linked back to here) so you can see how it all came about :)

Hope you like it Janie!



  1. Such a fun page Jenny! And always love reading about your method and media!

  2. Very cute. The galahs hang upside down on the electric wires outside my house.

    1. Thanks Pam :D Galahs are awesome! Cockatoos round here are just as funny! They always looks like they’re having a ball.

  3. Jenny, as soon as I saw it, I laughed. Yes, I love birds and the funnier the better. Great work. 😍

  4. Fantastic those galahs❤❤❤


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