Thursday, January 4, 2018

It's a Wrap for Inspired by Teesha. Round 4

I am so thrilled with the way this theme was embraced by all who worked in my journal.  I do believe it challenged some and others were more familiar. The images people selected and the embellishments added make a spectacular finished art Journal.

It started with the cover, intro pages and then my spread to start the ball rolling.

I made the journal with Stonehenge paper to a design of Teesha's  The cover was painted with bright colours and then stencilled.

Introduction and contract.

I adored this image.  She is both serene and wacky.

Now we come to Colleen's spread. Colleen used a double page with a flap and did a total of four images.  This is with the flap on right closed.

Flap is now open, we have a Charming lady with a chook on her you do...and....Drum Roll!!...the magnificent Steve Irwin looking manic and with his beloved wildlife.

This is anothe flap by Joan Mannix. Delightful owl with precious all seeing eyes.

Open the flap and who do we find? It's Catwoman, pretty in pink and with a foxy tail.  The next page shows her feiend a charming bird with striped leggings and a silver pair of shoes, being harassed  by a large goanna.

Last page by Joan is a very interesting creature indeed.

Now we come to the work of Lisa Jones starting with this very cool dude.  Sunnies, hipster hair style, sporting a diamond pin and taking his pet fish for a stroll.

 On the flap to the left is a very foxy lady, who may or may not be Mr Hipster's partner.  Dressed in her finery complete with wings and a tiara.

Open out the flap on left and we see two more of Lis's.A beautiful underwater scene with mermaid and sea weed.  That could be Delta Goodren on her vespa trying her water wings.  Page on left is brilliant.   This face is superb as is the composition. Love it!

These pages were done by Joanne Tobler.  Both pages are fun and interesting. Titled Lipstick Dreaming.

 And so we come to the end, the wonderful pages done by Jan Mullane.  This reminds me of Dr Seuss but it includes images by Teesha herself. Fab page Jan.

And to round things off we have Jan's salute to the marriage equality outcome.  So many details to see.

I wish to thank all the artists who worked in my Art Journal.  It is a wonderful collaboration.  Looking forward to the next go round.


  1. Thanks for posting Pam! Looks fab! ❤

  2. It's all so fascinating to look at. A journal to treasure.

  3. Wow...such a cool journal the Aussie theme in there too!


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