Sunday, January 7, 2018


I chose THE SEVEN RAVENS and started with gesso on the background. I added Pixie Powders while the gesso was still wet. I used Midnight Sky and Sun Yellow which is more gold than yellow. I activated the powders with diluted PVA glue and also created some drippage with spayed water.
Here is a close up of the background.

I searched for some pictures to use and also printed out the story to get some inspiration. I also knew that I had a picture of a Raven saved so that is where I started. I cut out 7 ravens and didn't think to reverse some of them. The sun, moon, and morning star (Venus) feature in the Tale so I searched for pictures of them also. The girl in the tale goes to search for her brothers who have been turned into the ravens so I needed a girl. I finally found her courtesy of The Graphics Fairy. The raven is also from there. So I decided on the layout and proceeded to collage the elements. I also decided to add the printed story and I made a cover/folder for that. I printed out the title and clipped it to the page with a heart paper clip. Here it is...

I drew the sun and added yellow tissue paper and gold marker to it.
I also did some shading around the ravens,etc.
I edged the page with gold metallic marker

 This is a close up of the cover for the is painted paper that I had on hand.


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