Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Flying Fox

I am the last artist to work in Roz Willoughby's lovely silhouette travelling art journal.

My page is inspired by the 20 000 flying foxes we have on Susan and Peanut Islands in the mighty, mighty Clarence river in Grafton NSW. 

They are such a magnificent sight filling the sky at sunset, swooping down to the river to skim the surface wetting their furry chests so they can get a drink after a long hot day sleeping in the trees before dispersing for their evening of foraging and pollinating.

These colonies are native to the east coast but innocently inspire quite a bit of contention in human communities. Personally I admire and appreciate them and I am a keen gardener and fruit tree grower and spent 2 years living right next to a huge colony further down river. I like to live and let live and tread lightly upon this earth. 


  1. yes, we have huge colonies of them up here too, Louise and I enjoy them as well. Our local council is always trying to clear them out of the CBD where they love to live around Cairns library in the massive ficus trees that surround it. I must admit their droppings are caustic and eat the duco off the roof of your car within minutes......

  2. Wonderful page. I loved the sight of them flying in everynight to rest in the trees, when I lived up North WA.

  3. I love bats too! Great idea and execution Louise!

  4. They are such interesting creatures...Thanks Louise I love it!!

  5. Looks amazing! I’ve never seen bats in real life... good to hear they’re peaceful creatures, nothing like what we see on the telly! lol


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