Thursday, January 4, 2018

AAJS 4 'Jan's Favourites Journal' Wrap Up

This lovely journal wended its way home in December 2017. Everything went so smoothly and I can't thank all who worked in my journal enough. You all did a superb job and I will treasure this journal.
Here is the cover. It is a small journal made out of an old envelope for the cover and A4 pages of card stock folded in half.
I did a couple of pages to get things started.

And then posted it off to Pam and she did a wonderfully colourful page -'100 weeds-100 wishes'
Then it went to Colleen who did her quirky birds- how cheerful are they! And another lovely butterfly page.

Next I am assuming was Joanna's page as it isn't signed but is next. A beautiful delicate page of fairies - I know this is a favourite of hers.

Joan did a lovely Winnie the Poo page that is pretty and whimsical.
Than Lisa worked her magic with a U2 song and page and also did another really colourful page with a riot of flowers.

Last but not least was Lesley's really beaut page of characters and flowers. Love the colour!
Thank you all to the wonderful artists who worked in my journal.


  1. Your journal is really beautiful Jan.

  2. beautiful journal to work in and some fantastic spreads in it.

  3. How gorgeous your journal is Jan congratulations to all.

  4. Thanks everyone. It kinda cool to see it all in a row and lovely how cohesive it is!


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