Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Lesley's Empowerment Journal Finished!!

I was so excited to receive my journal home after many months of working in everyone's journal
it was great to finally see the amazing pages everyone had completed.

The cover of my empowerment journal.

The first page of my journal completed by me
  " I am bold, brave, 
fearless and strong "

 The next page in my Journal was created by Jan Mullane.
" Listen to your inner voice, you really can do whatever you want "
I love the background on Jan's page and the different women on the page especially the silhouettes.

Pam Parker has completed the next page in my journal.
" Look at the stars, 
look how they shine for you and everything you do."
I love how simply using two main colours has such a big impact.

The next page is by 
Colleen Mulholland .
       "Believe you can and you will."  &  " So she danced with her heart and soul."
I love everything about this page, the bright colors, the carefreeness of the dancing lady and all of the  little details she has put into this page.

The next page was completed by Joanna Tobler.
 " I can and I will, watch me."
The photo of this page really does not do it justice it has a beautiful texture to it that is very sparkly.

    Lisa Jones's page really speaks for itself, it's amazing I just love it.
" I am strong, I am invincible,
 I am WOMAN! "

     The final guest page in my book is by Joan Mannix.
    " A girl should be two things, who and what she wants"
    This page is full of beautiful layers of collaged pieces, the colors are amazing.

      The last page in my journal was inspired by Dina Wakley.
 " You have to make room for growth."

The back cover of my journal.
" Empowered women, 
empower women."
 " Admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own."

 Thank you so much to Jan, Pam, Colleen, Joanna, Joan and Lisa for making my Journal and something I will always treasure xxxxx


  1. Your journal has turned out really well Lesley. Isn't it interesting how different each entry is? Wonderful keepsake.

  2. Thanks Lesley, lovely journal to work in! Look forward to the next round of journals. :)

  3. You ended up with a great collective art Journal. I really enjoyed this theme and I decided to empower myself and draw the face which is totally outside my comfort zone. I used a photo of myself in my early twenties as my inspiration.


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