Sunday, March 18, 2018

Colleen's page in Sharon's journal.

Sharon's Vintage Circus journal is so pretty, with pages that can be removed for working on.They are folded in half, so you work on both sides. 

After gessoing I started with some paint & stencils & then started adding collage pieces.



I loved all these images & had fun arranging them on both pages.

I outlined all the images with black pen & then added some stamping .

Hope you like it Sharon.

Janie O'Brien's creation in Louise's Gypsy Journal. I really enjoyed creating in Louise's journal and could have gone on for pages, finally restraining myself; lol.

Firstly I created my background by spraying through a stencil with Lindy's Starburst sprays in various warm colours.

A selection of images that I fussy cut to select from. Some I chose and some I discarded.

I finally started to stick them down using glue stick
This is the main page and the right hand side inner flap completed.

I got so carried away I continued on the back of Louise's page, on the left hand side of my main page. I so loved this gypsy poem by Ralph Hodgson, I just had to include it.

This is my main page finished.

The right-hand side flap closed over my main page

Entire journal pages with right hand flap open

Saturday, March 17, 2018

This is my page I did for Pam's Words of wisdom journal tried to capture the rain falling.She looked a bit lonely by herself so I added the cute little dog I hope I did this blog thing right Hugs Robyn

Paper Napkins with Pam.

It was a great pleasure to receive Colleen's lovely art journal and my first for Round 6.  Colleen's theme is Paper Napkins and she has used them brilliantly.

I began with a painted acrylic background and then did some reverse stencil work. I then added some stamping and did some toilet rolls daisies as well. Of course I have no photos of this stage. I then attached my napkins to cartridge paper and fussy cut them.
This was trying out my layout.

I proceeded to stick my pieces down and chose to embellish the with gelatos along the edges of the roses and also the butterflies and dragon flies.

Here is my finished spread.  I do hope Colleen likes it.

Added a subtle border.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Just you and me and a cup of tea.

My first journal to play in, in Round 6 is our fabulous Lisa Jones's Music and Lyrics. Lisa is such a gorgeous artist and one of the things I admire is her incredible tea bag art! So I was always going to do something with tea bags in this journal.

I had to find a song that had tea in it and what could be more iconic than "A home among the gum trees".

I painted my page with tea and used some inktense for the green leaves, the plums and the dark browns.  Tea bags are collaged onto the trees and the house.

I was quietly chuckling when I saw Joans dot to dot this month  on AASG is all about tea bags!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Lisa playing in Janie's Simply Whimsical Journal

I'm on a roll here!  

Janie had a spare page in her Round 5 journal and kindly sent it down to me to play in.

I really like the way Janie has bound the journal; each page is A4 landscape and meant to be folded into the journal, creating a nice chunky book!  

It's full of great pages full of whimsy, and straight away I had an idea of what I would do.

As usual, I didn't take progress pics.  So here tis, my whimsical garden with cats!

Hope you like it Janie!  I'll post it back on Tuesday. 😊

Cheers, Lisa


My journal has 3 signatures and is A5 size. I made the cover by recycling some cardboard and covering it with napkins, tissue paper and  50/50 diluted PVA. Below is the journal and the inside back and front.

I also used Archival ink pads.

I added the title and a picture that I had saved to my PC.

I printed the contract on paper that I had adhered a napkin to. My first page has a pic from the Graphics Fairy and some rosette trim that I thought suited the page. I left the image B/W as I couldn't decide whether to colour it or not!! The background is gesso and archival ink.

I put the mailing order on the inside back cover and did the opposite page with a collage of napkin paper and embossed card with some cloth strips and fibers. Used up some washi tape around the names.

My main spread is below and I'm not sure that I like the metal pieces that I added to it?? something is not quite right to my eye!! I used 2 different napkins and added some stamping and highlighting etc with watercolour crayons. Also added some sponged ink here and there.