Wednesday, January 17, 2018


This is my last layout in a journal for this round and it's my interpretation of 'under the sea'. I have been going through a bit of a slump with my creativity lately so I was browsing through pinterest for some inspiration and finally came up with an idea of what to do.

I sketched a border in pencil around the outside of the page which was to represent coral or seaweed in the sea and then in the center of the pages started with white paint to try to make it look like light from above. I used two shades of blue, a light blue for the fresh clean water and a darker blue showing for more depth in the sea. Then painted black around the edges of the page in a silhouette style. I also used the silhouette style to paint in a turtle, a squid and a little fish.

To me it's as if I am sitting on the bottom of the sea looking up but others have said it's like they are above the sea looking down. I suppose it's open to everyones own interpretation.

You may like to watch the video of the process of this one here..

Danie had a few empty pages in her journal so I decided to have a play and do another layout. This time I ripped up a few text papers I had painted in shades of blue and glued them across the pages. I drew three mermaid tails onto some painted brown paper and cut them out. I then placed the tales in a few of the strips of blue paper so the idea is you just see the tails out of the waves. I had fun playing with this layout. I hope you like my layouts Danie.

I haven't added any words or phrases to these two pages, I really wasn't in a wordy kind of mood, so I just left them as the were.

I know my journal is making it's way home to me now and I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that worked in my journal...cheers!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Flowers the Seeds of Yesterday Spread in Roz's Journal

I am not the greatest at remembering to take photos or blog about my creations in our Journal Swap, but am here with a look at my Silhouette Spread in Roz's Journal I had the pleasure of creating in last month. 

I started by coloring the pages with Distress Oxides.  And once I had smooched the color across both pages I took a stencil and a spray bottle with some water and sprayed this through the stencil to add some interest and pattern to the page.

I used some Wildflower Stamps from Darkroom Door and a Quote Stamp from Paper Artsy.

I was keeping it simple as I often tend to do but I think that suited this Silhouette Shape.

Only one more journal to go and we will be receiving our own journals back which I am really looking forward to.  It's been fun being a part of this and seeing all the wonderful inspiration and beautiful pages everyone in both rounds of this swap have been creating. 

Danie xx

Louise playing in Pam's Teesha journal.

I was thrilled when mum sent me her journal from round 4
 as I love theme and I wanted a good sticky beak 
at all the lovely pages done by everyone. 

We are very close and love to live near each other
 but I live in hot humid Grafton 
and they cant cope with the weather 
so they live hundreds of km away in the central west.

But mum loves Grafton and the jacarandas 
so I wanted to do a page about Grafton and of course 
it had to be purple

Working in Teesha style to me means bright and busy
 with lots to look at,
 colourful borders, interesting words 
and unexpected quirky characters. 

So my jacaranda queens
 are not quite like any I have seen at festival time
 but they sure were fun to create. 

The next page I created was inspired by bugs- 
its summer time here and they are loving
 all the heat and rain we have had lately. 

Mum had 4 pages left and generously said I could play in all of them :) 
So I unearthed so much 'stuff'
you know all of that stuff we hoard for art?
This style of journalling is really good for using it all up. 

My girlfriend Kathy visited Paris a couple of years ago
 and shared some of the incredible exhibitions
 she saw with me through photos and bought back flyers and catalogs. 

So these pages are about Picasso and Paris as an armchair traveler.

As I was making my way through the piles of above mentioned stuff
 I came across some fashion mags. 
They have fabulous fonts and great imagery
 but I was a bit upset at the extravagance
 of it all and this page became a bit of a rant. 

I saw all of these shoes and shoes and shoes
 and knew I had a fabulous big die cut 
somewhere so they formed the basis of my last pages. 

However I was shocked at the ridiculousness of it all
the prices!
and where could you even wear them?

So many ways in my opinion that could better use those dollars. 

I should also say I own very few shoes 
and the most expensive are my well worn,
 paint splattered  redback work boots. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Colleen's Journal THINGS WITH WINGS

This was my first ever experience of a Journal swap & I enjoyed it very much. It is also the very first journal I had ever made & I was a bit unsure what to do.

I made a cover out of cardboard & covered it with a piece of fabric that I adored. The inside had a loose page for my bits, & 2 signatures tied in with ribbon.

The inside cover had a small pocket to hold some tags that I had made for everyone & I used a gelli print to create the frog with wings & lots of other winged creatures.

The other side of the Gelli print has the contract & list of participants. The 1st page of signature1 I used a print of some butterflies over a painted background.

Then I did a very colourful spread
of an angel & a mouse who was learning to fly. Then I posted it all off to Joanna.

Joanna did a lovely spread with lots of texture paste over her background  & some beautiful butterflies.

On to Joan who did a gorgeous spread of a delightful little girl flying a kite, plus more kites on a pastel background.

Lisa's had a large flap to contend with. She did an amazing drawing of Peter Pan & on the top of the flap beautiful leaves. When the flap opened there was a fairy in all the leaves.

Lesley did an amazing 3 page spread in Dyan Reavely style. She added the wavy pages into the middle of her spread. Such a lot of work & absolutely stunning.

 Jan Mullane did  a gorgeous spread of birds on wires, just like they do everywhere.

Pam's spread was adorable & she included a chook which delighted me ever so much.

The next 2 pages were mine in the back of the book.

Jan, Joan, Pam & Lisa did the above tags, which I will treasure. I will also treasure this journal. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity & I thank you all ( Joanna, Joan, Lisa, Lesley, Jan & Pam ) for your contributions to it


I chose THE SEVEN RAVENS and started with gesso on the background. I added Pixie Powders while the gesso was still wet. I used Midnight Sky and Sun Yellow which is more gold than yellow. I activated the powders with diluted PVA glue and also created some drippage with spayed water.
Here is a close up of the background.

I searched for some pictures to use and also printed out the story to get some inspiration. I also knew that I had a picture of a Raven saved so that is where I started. I cut out 7 ravens and didn't think to reverse some of them. The sun, moon, and morning star (Venus) feature in the Tale so I searched for pictures of them also. The girl in the tale goes to search for her brothers who have been turned into the ravens so I needed a girl. I finally found her courtesy of The Graphics Fairy. The raven is also from there. So I decided on the layout and proceeded to collage the elements. I also decided to add the printed story and I made a cover/folder for that. I printed out the title and clipped it to the page with a heart paper clip. Here it is...

I drew the sun and added yellow tissue paper and gold marker to it.
I also did some shading around the ravens,etc.
I edged the page with gold metallic marker

 This is a close up of the cover for the is painted paper that I had on hand.

Friday, January 5, 2018


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and Many Blessings for 2018.

Working in Louise's journal themed TREES, I, at first, couldn't think of what to do...yep, the theme was right there for me but I wanted some sort of different trees, something that showed a little dimension...I ended looking at  so many pictures of trees that my mind became waterlogged and I lost my creative urge and this then put me in a slump to actually get something, anything on the page. So over the course of about two weeks I slowly started to work in Louise's journal...

I decided to split the pages up and use the right hand side of the larger page for this spread below. I put a layer of paint on the background and then softly sketched the tree I wanted. I used a brown and cream paint to paint in the trunk and branches of the tree and cut a leaf shape from a kitchen sponge and used a few shades of green to paint the leaves.  I was very happy with the way the leaves were progressing but the tree trunk and branches were way to plain so I decided to use hot glue on them and add some texture. A light shading of gold paint on the trunk when the glue dried and a trace around some of the leaves with a white signo andit bought my tree to life.
I re-sized and cut my sitting person out of a piece of patterned paper, placed her under the tree, added a little shade and then finished it off with the saying...

        -Warren Buffet-

Below is a close up of the texture using the hot glue.....I so love it!!! lol

I started on the left hand side of the page roughly the same way as the right side. Put a layer of paint in the background, sketched a tree, in a different style and the painted the tree in.For the texture on this trunk I used some wood shavings, gluing them onto the trunk and branches. Now for the leaves, something total different...I went with these awesome tealy coloured feathers. Watching leaves fall from trees reminds me of delicate, soft feathers, yep, so why not use these feathers for the leaves.
It also added another texture, a softer one, to my layout. I went over the background but the right side bottom of the page looked too plain so I added some stamped images of trees and then the saying by Robert Louis Stevenson. I really love the outcome of this layout.

Below a close up of the textures using the wood chips and feathers...really cool!!!!

This only left the little flap on the left side... and as I am still a sort of silhouette frame of mind, I decided to go with a dark full moon night and just stamp a tree image on the page using a stazon ink. A very simple but effective layout. I glued the word GROW down the bottom and called my flappage finished.

I hope you are pleased with my work in your journal Louise, after finding it hard to get started, I ended up having fun trying out some different textured materials for the tree trunks. You can also view the video of my process below...Thank you xox

Thursday, January 4, 2018

AAJS 4 'Jan's Favourites Journal' Wrap Up

This lovely journal wended its way home in December 2017. Everything went so smoothly and I can't thank all who worked in my journal enough. You all did a superb job and I will treasure this journal.
Here is the cover. It is a small journal made out of an old envelope for the cover and A4 pages of card stock folded in half.
I did a couple of pages to get things started.

And then posted it off to Pam and she did a wonderfully colourful page -'100 weeds-100 wishes'
Then it went to Colleen who did her quirky birds- how cheerful are they! And another lovely butterfly page.

Next I am assuming was Joanna's page as it isn't signed but is next. A beautiful delicate page of fairies - I know this is a favourite of hers.

Joan did a lovely Winnie the Poo page that is pretty and whimsical.
Than Lisa worked her magic with a U2 song and page and also did another really colourful page with a riot of flowers.

Last but not least was Lesley's really beaut page of characters and flowers. Love the colour!
Thank you all to the wonderful artists who worked in my journal.