Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lesley's Homage to Art

I was excited to be the first person to paint in Lisa's art Journal. The theme of Lisa's Journal is Homage to art.The artist I decided to pay homage to was BANKSY even though it is not really known who BANKSY actually is ( there are a lot of suspicions ) he is quite famous for his street art.

I started my page with some torn papers..

followed by the use of lots of stencils and acrylic paints to randomly fill the page.

I then drew my circles and gave the rest of the page a light covering of white gesso, I used gesso instead of white paint because I wanted it to be more translucent .

I then used my favorite BANKSY stamps to fill the rest of the page.

  • I also decided I would do a matching tag for each page that I do as an extra for the owners of each journal for them to use some other way .

  • Thank you Lisa for sharing your awesome with us.

Jan is Empowered

My first page in the new round is in Lesley's lovely Empowerment Journal. It is quite a large journal and this is a bit of a challenge. The spread is A3 landscape.
At first I did some layers and stenciling. Trying not to muddy the colours as I often end up doing in my enthusiasm.

Then I added the elements I wanted to feature and set to work. I originally wanted to use the slogan 'Empowered Women Empower Women' but that was already on the back of the journal so I dug through my stencils and found a relevant Dina Wakley one. I still ended up losing some of the vibrant colour but I am fairly pleased with how the page came out.

Hope you like it Lesley. It will be on its way to Pam next week.

Friday, July 21, 2017

AAJS5: Silhouettes for Roz...

Hi Everyone!
So excited to be the first to work in Roz's "Silhouette" Journal.

Lately I've been making a lot of bright coloured creations and I've done it again LOL!!
Roz's journal is landscape and each page is A4 size so a nice big area to create on! AND she has secured pages with elastic so you can actually take them out to work in!!
So being the first I decided to nab the middle opening page and decorate the whole thing in one go - so much fun!
I started with some bright acrylic paints and a brayer and added "blobs" of colour and rollered out to cover the page. Then used one of my favourite stencils and used all the same colours as the background to cover the entire page with a light sponge through the stencil.
I had ordered a pack of stamps from Ebay "Dina Wakley" and I thought they were my style of Silhouette and perfect for how I wanted my pages to look so I used all 3 stamps from the set to stamp along the bottom half of the page.

I wanted the whole page to be connected - not 2 separate themes - so I found a quote I liked and using some large alphabet stamps added the quote to cover the top half.
To finish off I used black paint and a credit card to make a lined border around the whole thing and added some sparkly gems to both pages.

I am really happy with how it turned out - hope Roz likes it!
Looking forward to getting another journal in the round next month to create in!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

AAJS Round 4......Favourites.

I felt very honoured to be the first visitor in Jan Mullane's lovely journal.  Jan has done an excellent job making her journal, which is a comfortable size to both work in and to post onwards.  Her art work is very special.

For my spread I decided to try out a background I had seen demonstrated by a FB friend.  I used dylusions paints, stencils and stamps.  My intentions were to take step - by - step photos....but I forgot!

My focal point is dandelions, made by using a snipped toilet roll insert and a delicate touch.  They turned out OK.  I did the centres with bubble wrap and then some perfect pearls.

My quote says:  When you look at a field of dandelions, you can see, 100 weeds OR 100 wishes.
I hope it pleases you Jan, always remembering that we all make very different art and that is part of the joy of being part of such as this.

My page.

The quote

Close up of dandelion.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Believe AAJS5 - Wendy's Word Journal

I got to work in Wendy's Word Journal to kick off Round 5.  I chose the Word Believe and a fairy came to mind.  I decided to play with some of my new stamps from Carabelle Studio and Distress Oxides for this spread also.

I started by Painting my background with a mix of acrylic paint colors.

Next I used my Distress Oxides with a Circle Stencil from The Crafters Workshop and a little bit of mark making with the Union Stencil from Stencil Girl.  This was followed by some stamping around the edges and a few circles.  This was the first time I had played with these Carabelle Stamps.  My fairy however also from Carabelle has graced a few projects before now.

I stamped out, colored and cut out the fairy and stuck her down.  The Inktense Water Color Pencils used to color the fairy were also used to color in my stamped word Believe (I think this was a Rubber Dance Stamp).

I wanted to keep things simple, but felt something was missing.  A bit more color perhaps?  I took out my yellow Posca Pen and added a touch more color around the stamped borders.  I still felt a touch more magic was needed and thought a touch of shimmer was the perfect touch for a fairy.  I smeared and smudged it around the fairy and stamped circles.  The last finishing touch was some stamped butterflies using stamps from Darkroom Door.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Diving Deep

Its funny how art imitates life and life imitates art,
I have been delving deep into trying to understand me and searching for things that might be hidden, lurking in the deep, aware too of the association between the element of water and our emotions and my affinity for water and my emotional state of late.

Lately I have had mermaids swimming up from the deep in different art works and the first art journal I received in round 5 of the Australian Art Journal is Danie Mays  "√únder the Sea"

I had no idea of what I would do until I started, that is often the way I work, I know many like to consider and plan and research and funnily enough that is also how many live their lives. I find I operate on a different system I work instinctively and intuitively and trust in the outcome without having to understand every step. I just let it happen.

I started with a sketch and I wanted to work with collage, texture and paint. I stamped some background layers knowing they would be sunk deep into the work along with the collage elements I added. I always use words in my art journaling, somewhere in the piece - I found an old sheet I made years ago with some good words so they became part of the collage and I wanted shimmer so I also added small pieces of aluminium foil. 

It was hard to hold down the fibres I used in her hair and for the kelp strands so I started adding tissue paper, then she wanted to go out by the pool, she is a mermaid after all-
 we found a sunny spot to dry that layer.
That is one of our cats-
on the other side of the pool stalking his territory.

My next layer was using transparent colours, transparency is a real thing for me right now, in trying to know myself and expose more of me to myself as much as others and also in my art work
- there it is again, life imitating art.
I painted her ocean out by the pool in the sunshine, its winter here right now and quite cool inside the studio. 

Next it was time to pull it all together, I painted her, and painted the kelp forest she is swimming in, I added some glitter too, that is not something I do often but she called for it and used gold and green to to find the kelp. I outlined the leaves and the page border with pens. 

Here she is all finished-
She has a few more elements - some animal companions and some beautiful rocks in her transparent watery colours and a 5 petalled white flower.
I added the quote by Anais Nin
"I must be a mermaid.... I have no fear of depths a great fear of shallow living"

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Working in Joan's Houses Journal - AAJS4 - Lisa

I finished my entry in Joan's lovely Houses journal... and then realised I'd forgotten to take progress pics.  Oh well!

Joan's brief was that the journal page had to feature a house somewhere, so that was pretty easy!  I've been playing with teabag art a lot, so decided I wanted to incorporate this into my spread.  My sky is watercoloured, but everything else is collaged teabags.

I have a few friends and family keeping their teabags for me, so have a mixture of black tea, raspberry tea and chamomile tea bags.  I had always thought that the raspberry teabags would look the best, as they're a beautiful pinky colour, but funnily enough they seem to go purpley-blue when you glue them down!  

Some of the teabags were watercoloured before I added them, and some left au naturale.  I actually think that the brown bags look really interesting; especially the ones that have little spots of mould on them (which is what can happen if you don't let them dry out properly...!)

So here are my houses, based very loosely on the Painted Ladies from San Francisco.  I drew the houses first with Micron pens so it would be easier to cut out the shapes.  I have to say I really didn't like some of the colours that came out, but they looked a lot better after going over them again when dry with a Micron.

For the left hand side of the page, I drew a valley, also tea-bagged, and looked for some inspirational words about houses, not homes - remembering there is a difference!

I couldn't really find a quote, lyric or poem that I liked, so decided I'd have to come up with something myself.  I'll call it a poem, and since my faux calligraphy is not great, here's what it says!

A house, solid, sturdy & strong
A haven, a sanctuary, a fort
A yearning when far away
A slow release of breath
A quiet satisfaction
When home is in sight
Love lives here.

And here's a pic of the whole spread.  I hope you like it Joan, I really enjoyed working in it!

Cheers, Lisa xx