Sunday, November 22, 2020

Janie's Australia

 by Lisa for Janie

Janie's journal theme of Australia is a very broad one! There are some lovely spreads in it, and I had thought to do something to go with Dorothea Mackellar's My Country, but someone else beat me to it!  Not sure who, as they didn't sign their page...😢

Instead, I remembered an Australian song that I LOVE, by Redgum.  Great Aussie folk/political band of the 70s and 80s - even if you think you don't know any of their songs, you'll know I was only 19.  Every time I hear this song about the Vietnam War, it really gets to me.  I had an Uncle who fought there, and returned with PTSD.  I've been to Vietnam 4 times, and have seen what this country went through.  

But this is not about that song.  Another of my favourite songs on Redgum's album Caught in the Act is The Diamantina Drover.  It's just a beautiful ballad about the country, and the old days.

I started by adding recycled teabags to both pages, in wavy strips, to represent the land and sky.  These were adhered using matte gel medium applied over the top of the teabags.  

Once dry, I added teabag strings to represent hills and valleys, again using my trusty matte gel medium.

Next I added watercolours.  Tasman blue for the sky, and Pilbara red, Australian red gold, and yellow ochre for the land.  I love these Australian colours!  The blue ended up too blue, so I added a whitewash of gouache over the top to tone it down.

Next I added the chorus from the song:

For the rain never falls, on the dusty Diamantina
The drover finds it hard, to change his mind
For the years have surely gone
Like the drays from old Cork Station
And I won't be back when the drovin's done.

Lastly an old dead tree in black pen finished it off.

And the complete spread:

The Diamantina Drover

Here's a link to the YouTube video of a live recording of the song.  Please watch it and you'll see how beautiful it is! 💚

Hope you like this spread Janie; I really enjoyed putting it together and singing this song over and over again. 😄

Happy Arting all!

Cheers, Lisa xx


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