Wednesday, January 17, 2018


This is my last layout in a journal for this round and it's my interpretation of 'under the sea'. I have been going through a bit of a slump with my creativity lately so I was browsing through pinterest for some inspiration and finally came up with an idea of what to do.

I sketched a border in pencil around the outside of the page which was to represent coral or seaweed in the sea and then in the center of the pages started with white paint to try to make it look like light from above. I used two shades of blue, a light blue for the fresh clean water and a darker blue showing for more depth in the sea. Then painted black around the edges of the page in a silhouette style. I also used the silhouette style to paint in a turtle, a squid and a little fish.

To me it's as if I am sitting on the bottom of the sea looking up but others have said it's like they are above the sea looking down. I suppose it's open to everyones own interpretation.

You may like to watch the video of the process of this one here..

Danie had a few empty pages in her journal so I decided to have a play and do another layout. This time I ripped up a few text papers I had painted in shades of blue and glued them across the pages. I drew three mermaid tails onto some painted brown paper and cut them out. I then placed the tales in a few of the strips of blue paper so the idea is you just see the tails out of the waves. I had fun playing with this layout. I hope you like my layouts Danie.

I haven't added any words or phrases to these two pages, I really wasn't in a wordy kind of mood, so I just left them as the were.

I know my journal is making it's way home to me now and I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that worked in my journal...cheers!!!


  1. I love the perspective in the first spread Wendy. They way you designed from light to dark works so well. The second playful spread is such fun. It could be Synchronised Swimming.

  2. Wonderful spreads Wendy! I love the depth and the light in the first page; it works so well. And I always love collages, especially with torn painted papers! Great ideas! xx

  3. Such expressive and evocative pages Wendy. Beautiful


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