Sunday, January 7, 2018

Colleen's Journal THINGS WITH WINGS

This was my first ever experience of a Journal swap & I enjoyed it very much. It is also the very first journal I had ever made & I was a bit unsure what to do.

I made a cover out of cardboard & covered it with a piece of fabric that I adored. The inside had a loose page for my bits, & 2 signatures tied in with ribbon.

The inside cover had a small pocket to hold some tags that I had made for everyone & I used a gelli print to create the frog with wings & lots of other winged creatures.

The other side of the Gelli print has the contract & list of participants. The 1st page of signature1 I used a print of some butterflies over a painted background.

Then I did a very colourful spread
of an angel & a mouse who was learning to fly. Then I posted it all off to Joanna.

Joanna did a lovely spread with lots of texture paste over her background  & some beautiful butterflies.

On to Joan who did a gorgeous spread of a delightful little girl flying a kite, plus more kites on a pastel background.

Lisa's had a large flap to contend with. She did an amazing drawing of Peter Pan & on the top of the flap beautiful leaves. When the flap opened there was a fairy in all the leaves.

Lesley did an amazing 3 page spread in Dyan Reavely style. She added the wavy pages into the middle of her spread. Such a lot of work & absolutely stunning.

 Jan Mullane did  a gorgeous spread of birds on wires, just like they do everywhere.

Pam's spread was adorable & she included a chook which delighted me ever so much.

The next 2 pages were mine in the back of the book.

Jan, Joan, Pam & Lisa did the above tags, which I will treasure. I will also treasure this journal. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity & I thank you all ( Joanna, Joan, Lisa, Lesley, Jan & Pam ) for your contributions to it


  1. A wonderful journal and a wonderful journey you all shared.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Colleen! The pages all look wonderful together and I loved playing in your journal! ❤

  3. So lovely to see your journal Colleen and I'm glad you enjoyed the experience!

  4. It was a lovely journal and a real treat to be part of it.

  5. Looks so great all together. Thanks for the opportunity.


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