Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sharon's page in Rachel's Garden of the Imagination

Rachael has created the cutest journal. It's cover is split down the middle like a garden gate. However the book itself opens like a regular journal. 
I wanted to create a child's garden complete with toadstools and fairies. This was fun. I just glued, and cut and drew. I was remembering the movie about the two little girls who took photos of fairies and their insistence that you just had to look closely and they were there. 

This was my favourite bit. The toadstool had craft paper top with butter muslin frill. 
The bird cage hanging beneath was a piece of washi tape. 
The two little toadstools are wooden cut outs

Finished page. 
But then I couldn't help my self and created one more. 
A dreaming person thinking of their ideal garden. 

I hope it's okay. There are lots of pages in this fabulous little book. I'm sure we won't run out of space. If you look closely at the background you can see a piece of paper from Wendy from our black and white swap. Two artists for the price of one. 


  1. Absolutely delightful pages Sharon in a gorgeously themed journal.

  2. Exquisite!! I love the muslin frill on the mushroom, and the dreaming flower person!! So many details to love!! Thank you dearly! ❤️

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pages Sharon xox


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