Monday, February 1, 2016

My version of faces by Sharon Williams

It's always a journey every time I begin a new page in someone's journal. Faces was a little daunting in that it is heavily collaged to date and I'm not sure how good I am at collage but I was willing to give it a go. 

It turned out fairly well. I started with a sketch of a fairly simple face. She was quite confronting, staring out from the page. Almost like she was daring me to continue.  Then I thought about the collage bit and in my effort to find something suitable, I remembered that I had some wood block prints of a self pose tacit I had created years ago. It's not much as a portrait but interesting as a layered element. 

Then I wanted a story element to go with it so I added my favourite super power quote and it ended up better than I expected. To complete the page, I cut up a baby wipe that I had been cleaning my brushes on and had kept because it was pretty. Little cut out hearts gave it a bit of colour and it felt done. 

It's always a bonus when that happens!


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