Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ros,s Maps Journal Catch Up

 I know, I know.  I have been slack on the blog front but lots of things have happened to my journal package.  When I decided to go loose leaf I gathered some great mixed media papers together and felt quite pleased with myself.  But not pleased enough. There was a strong urge to do my own page on something I walk past regularly on my trips to the nearest shopping centre.  To be honest I have picked these maps up and brought them home before because the paper is yummy.  I can relate to the maps and I felt one should be in the box. So, my partly prepared map I was working on is now a gelli print in the pile of gelli prints I have to chop up and I worked on "The Map".

This was taken in the early stages.  I used two maps, one to plan my page and the other to make the final masterpiece.  Is it a masterpiece? No, it is not but it is interesting.  I hope. This led me to rethink what I had put in the box for others to use.  When you receive my journal package you may well be surprised.

I am a great believer in art journalling with what you have at hand.

The advantage of 'The Map' was it folded out to a large spread on which I placed the Island called Roslyn. I could have got all personal and delved into the deepest chasms of my life but I didn't and you don't need to either.  If you don't want to map yourself you can use your own wonderful imagination and conjure up some fictitious being with interesting characteristics.

I packed my box of goodies and then decided the box was too deep so traipsed around the Back to School sales looking for an A5 document wallet. Officeworks were giving out balloons and the aisles were full of Mums with booklists in hand, and kids waving balloons.  Several balloon bumps to the head and a long wait in a queue and I was out of there. Everything fits in nicely. I am now happy with myself.


  1. This certainly looks like an interesting challenge Ros. Your little teaser photos are not giving too much away.
    Looking forward to seeing it sometime in the future.

  2. I will post the pages in a later episode. :)

  3. LOL I love your blogging style Ros :) this is going to be fun.

  4. LOL Style? It is fun to do, Louise. Thanks.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun Ros...again I'm sorry I'm not in this round!!

  6. Sounds intriguing Ros! Look forward to playing in your journal!


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