Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Deb's Inspired by Pinterest Blog!

Hello Everyone! 
This is my first time on this blog with these awesome ladies and its a great feeling! When i got confirmation that I would be included in this Round of Journal Swap, I actually did a little happy dance (insert here: Awkward Jig) then had to get going. The theme for my Journal is "Inspired By Pinterest" (It should actually read DISTRACTED by Pinterest) . I must say that i love the fact that i can search for almost anything on this site and find information in the shape of videos, pictures, tutorials etc to help me on my way. are a few Pics of my first Pages. the front page is self explanatory.

 The middle page is a double spread that included distress paint,


and a resist stencilling technique, using Luminarte silks acrylic glaze paints and Twinkling H2o's. 

I then doodled using Posca paint pens and wrote my Journal instructions  for everyone on there.

I wanted to incorporate so many techniques/ideas that my brain almost exploded.. which inspired my last page of Brain Explosion. I used a misture of some of my favourite stamps, handwritten words and finished off with Thickers Alphabet stickers.

In my Posting Package, I have included A4 sized mixed media paper that I have asked people to fold in half. There is no pressure for people to fill both sides of these pages. If you feel like you have more 'heArt" to give, feel free to fill in any blank pages that someone else may have left. I will bind the book using the ribbon binding method that Louise posted links up for when i get it all back.
Happy Journalling in 2016 Everyone!


  1. Oh well done Deb and I love your enthusiasm and speed :) this is going to be a great round of the AAJS

  2. Started of as an A4 piece, but once folded in half A5? Kinda like a DAJ page that we use in our other swaps but bigger.

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  4. Pintrest huh?
    Just another thing I know nothing about. This group is certainly getting educational. Of course I have seen it but no idea how to work it. So really is it about techniques.
    Love how your pages look Deb.

  5. I love Pinterest too Deb; a 'quick look' can take hours! Great pages, look forward to working in your journal! x

  6. I have now seen this in the flesh and am very inspired. I enjoy Pinterest very much even though I don't pin a lot.

  7. Pinterest is a virtual pin up board. You can use it through a PC or a tablet or a smart phone. Its great once you set up your account because then you can have as many "themed" virtual pinup boards as you like! SPACESAVING! I think I have over 200 boards (yikes)on various subjects from tips for working with my students to favorite recipes to art techniques and fitness. Because you get to see everyone else on Pinterests "Pins" (unless its a secret board), you can find out which site they got that idea or tutorial etc from as soon as you click on it. Have a play with it. By having this as my Theme, I just wanted people to create art about what inspires them really, even if they don't investigate it on Pinterest. Hope that helps?


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