Wednesday, February 10, 2016

AAJS Round 3: Natalie's Journal "Emotions"

Hi everyone,
Hi everyone,Hi
I’ve never blogged like this before but here goes. In fact, I’ve never journalled before either...until now. I’m pretty excited to be a part of this swap, and have chosen the theme of ‘Emotions’ for my journal.

 Emotions rule my world and are, usually, the basis for most of my decisions...some good and some not so good. I’ve always been proud of my emotions as they are what make me ME !!

 I’d love for you to share the emotions that have made you YOU !!

 I want you to use whatever products you love the most, and it’s a 30 page journal so you can do more than 2 pages if you like. I’ve not included any bling, etc as I want this to be your interpretation not mine.

 My journal is a cheap journal made from recycled cardboard and paper...and its awesome value for $10 from Big W!! The folder can also be pulled apart to remove the pages (now that’s a bonus).The covers were done with lots of texture and cheap paint lol ! I also used a black inkspray. I found this really funky textured paper so I tore it up and stuck that down too !

 I love my Derwents and chose to do a drawing called “Control” using the Inktense series. The poor girl just needs to cut those binds !! (I'd add pictures but I seem to have lost them somewhere in Windows 10 !!
I’ve not done a title page either so if you could all write your titles on the loose leaf page I have pinned to the back page that would be awesome, thanks !!
 I look forward to participating in this awesome lil adventure !!
 Thanks heaps,
 Love Natalie


  1. Thanks Natalie,
    I cant wait to see your journal :)

  2. Great post Natalie, excited to play in your journal!

  3. Windows too. When you work out how to upload photos Natalie please share with me :)
    Your journal sounds very mysterious :)


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