Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Creatures of the Bay

Joan's Journal - Creatures of the Bay

I have finished my journal and it is in the mail to Lisa  today.  I decorated the front cover a little more, created my note to everyone on a rather large tag, which fits in an inbuilt envelope in the back of the journal.  I have completed my page although it is not what I had envisaged before I started, it has ended up more like a school project than an art journal page , but it is what it is now.  It is about the danger to the ocean and its inhabitants caused by plastic in the ocean.  I have used some seam binding with beads at end to wrap around as a closure.  It will happily stay closed at the moment, but if it gets bulky at end of round it might need it.   Right hand page is watercolour paper with watercolour and acrylic paint of various colours and brands,  then I used crayons to give it some depth.  I have stamped, hand drawn and painted, collaged and stuck stickers on. I have added washi type tape at sides to join the flap and to finish edges off.  The left hand page is a cereal bag in which I inserted various things made of plastic and or metal which we find in our rubbish everyday and then using an iron, I melded them all together.  It is then mounted on to a painted background and I have left the top between melded plastic and card  open to create an envelope for storage in future. Then I have stapled and stuck the whole thing into a page of the book.  I am looking forward to receiving Rose's album and the rest of them over the year, and I hope that I can do justice to them all. 

Front Cover

inside front cover
inside back cover
page with fold over flap
page with flap open

close up of the Melded plastic bag and other items
My note to participants
with closure binder


  1. Lovely work Joan, excited to receive it!!!

  2. Wow...that looks awesome Joan...sorry I won't get to see it in person.

  3. I love your cover Joan and your theme - Bon Voyage little journal


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