Monday, June 11, 2018

The Wandering Mind

When I knew this was the next journal I would be working on I was thinking about elephants but Deb beat me to it! I spent a lot of time thinking about what exotic animal I could do or should I do exotic blooms or maybe a place in the end I just started sketching and this was the result

Next I started with watercolours and her face, while I was doing this I decided to add collage elements as well so I stopped and added the background then I moved onto the flowers. I decided to leave her hair white as there was so much going on.(maybe a little to much)

While I was working on another project I found the title, it just fitted so perfectly.


  1. What a beautiful spread Annabelle! Your girls are divine :)

  2. That is fantastic Annabelle
    I love the perfect title.

  3. Fabulous page and lovely drawings. Love everything about it.

  4. absolutely beautiful, Annabelle. Thank you so much


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