Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Van Life Bucket List

I am a gypsy at heart,
No doubt about it. I am happiest on the road.

When Meg's journal I thought what will I do? While I don't have a bucket list at all what goals do I have for my life and this is it. My modern day gypsy van.  I have spent a few years before kids living on the road, first in a lovely kombi van and then selling the Kombi in Perth and upgrading to a bus. those years were truly wonderful and I have had itchy feet ever since. 

My active mothering role is drawing to a close as the boys have grown up, I have a few more years to go but I can see that future and all of the opportunities to do my own things now so I have been spending some time dreaming up exactly what I want.

Meg's journal is lovely to work in and has many pages, as I have done a page so early in the month I may think of another theme to explore if Meg does not mind me playing again. 


  1. Hope you made a copy Louise�� great spread��

    1. LOL no Rozzie but its basically from all my notes I have already :)

  2. Wonderful!! Love it ��! Thanks so much great page ����

  3. Wow, you really have thought a lot about this Louise!!! Great spread!

  4. Your pages look wonderful and I will certainly enjoy studying them closely when I get the journal. I still can't think of what to do...bucket list?!? xox


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