Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Bee's Knees Book

My journal is ready for traveling around the country to be filled with art all about the Bee's Knees!
Well, not just bees and their knees... all insects except those that have 8 legs or more are welcome to join in including dragonflies, ladybugs, moths, dung beetles and caterpillars.

Above : the front cover is made of colourful collage paper with white texture paste shaped through stencils. Its my book and so have labeled it 'mine', as I usually do 😂 But just in case, I've written Jenny James as well. The inside pages are what Liquitex call their 'acrylic painting paper'. Its a versatile paper like a textured mixed media paper... you can add just about anything to it - watercolours, teabags, pencils, anything 😎

Above : the postal order, welcome note and all about my theme. I've created the tags amd notepaper from a little colouring in book that is full of beautiful floral drawings that suit this theme perfectly.

Above : the inside front pocket. I've reused the cover of the paper pad I'm using for the inside and extended it with collage paper so it wraps around, protecting the pages.

Above : The first page... handpainted bee and flower on stenciled, collage background. Just needs some words I think, then will be ready for posting in the morning. Any excuse to wander through my stickers and stamps! I'll do a separate how-to blog for my bee page.

I hope you all have a wonderful time creating inside my book. I look forward to seeing the pages unfold as it journeys around Australia.



  1. Looks so bright and beautiful Jenny, and love your bee!

  2. Colourful and gorgeous cover and I just love that bee xox

  3. Jenny it is delightful, just because I have a wicked streak I visualised a 7 legged spider on crutches :) so technically less than 8 legs.

    1. lol :P Hilarious! Do what you wantever you want to do! xx

  4. Ooh I’m going to be the first to work in this!


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