Monday, February 11, 2019


This is my cover and it is A5 size.

This is the 1st page that I did and has an image from The Graphics Fairy with a rosette trim on 2 edges.

This is my second page done with a couple of napkins. I need to incorporate the metal elements into the page.

This is Lisa's spread...beautifully drawn and painted.
The soft colours make me feel very peaceful.

This is Louise's spread. She has drawn and painted the Paris Metro Station.
I love all of the line work and the perspective that Louise has achieved.

This is Janie's spread and it is very dramatic with Gold and Red and crystal embellishments.
Love it!!

This is by  Deborah and is a very peaceful page.
The panels on either side have a fabric feel and the shimmer is gorgeous!!

This is by Annabelle and is so beautifully done with paint and some collage elements.

Jenny has replicated an advertising piece and it is awesome. The colours are very rich and I think she may have used acrylic ink. The writing at the bottom says, "Milk so pure, the cats want some too!"

This is by Robyn and opens out...I forgot the page underneath so will add it later.
Beautiful colours!!

This is by Sharon who has incorporated paint,, stenciling, collage and some lovely texture with cheesecloth.

Another peaceful page...this one is done by Pam.
I particularly like the synchronous nature of this and love the soft colors.
Thank you Pam.

This beautiful Tiffany Lamp is by Colleen ...Love it!!

This is my last page and the mailing order of the lovely ladies who contributed to my book.
I have some blank pages that I intend to complete at some point.
Thank you all again.


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