Saturday, February 9, 2019

AASJ7: Sharon's Pages in Jenny's "The Bees Knees" Journal

Hi Everyone!!
LOL I can't believe I am actually going to be on time this month!!!!!
I've completed my pages in Jenny's "The Bees Knees" Journal - a fab theme and I knew exactly what I wanted to do so it was put together fairly quickly!
'Bug'gered if I know what an Entomologist does?
I started by "gessoing" the pages although they are nice and thick so I wouldn't have had any bleed through! I then used a spatula to add different colours of "Chalk" paint randomly over each page.
While that was drying I printed my images - the main "bug" guy was printed on cardstock along with one lot of "bugs" and another lot of bugs was printed on tissue paper. Printing on tissue paper is always fraught with danger and I did have a few "incidents" but managed to get what I needed!
I started with the tissue paper bugs and tore them out and adhered randomly over the pages with gel medium.
Then I added some scraps of muslin cloth with gel medium - I thought that the muslin was a bit like a butterfly catcher net so I wanted to add that feel to the page!

I used a credit card and black paint to add a line across both pages about a third of the way up from the bottom. Then I added the main image, the wording printed on kraft paper and torn out and some fussy cut bugs from card and added them randomly.
Finished pages!!

Jenny also has some little black and white patterned cards for us all to colour/decorate and add some thoughts to the back. I ink sprayed the front of the card and added some collage elements and printed out a note to Jenny and adhered to the back!!
Hope you like what I have done Jenny!!!
Sharon :)


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