Monday, February 4, 2019

Galaxy Journal Round 7 AASG

Sunday, 21st January I began finishing my Galaxy journal cover. I had been contemplating what I would do since joining Round 7...I like to let ideas stew in my brain and then when I'm really convinced, I put them into action.

I chose the theme of Galaxy as I've always been fascinated by the night sky. As a child visiting my Pop's property in far north Queensland, I'd sit, fascinated, listening and watching carefully as my grandfather pointed out the major constellations.

My journal cover process began with using some blackboard I'd got from Reverse Garbage, gessoing it, then stencilling. This was all done before Christmas, 2018. My first idea of painting the cover purple, then with black chalkboard paint with wiping it off over the stencilling so the purple showed through was a disaster.

 So, after two coats of black paint,  I used metallic pastes and paints to create starbursts. Synchronicity...I had seen the December issue of Womankind and it was full of fabulous images so I bought it. I used the picture of Saturn, a large hand and collaged letters to complete my cover. I also used more images from the magazine to help me create my pages.

I love the results and am excited to see what you talented people will add to my journal. This has been such a steep learning curve for me. I am so proud to take part in this Journal Round. The Australian Artists' Swap Group has been supportive, fun and encouraging...thank you all xox


  1. I love the way you developed your cover Amanda, It looks great. This will be quite challenging.

  2. Great post and theme. I love your sharing about Pops property. Its wonderful to have you journeying with us

  3. Well done Amanda, great start to your journal! I look forward to adding to it!

  4. fantastic Amanda...:"Disasters" teach us so much!! Looking forward to your journal arriving here!!


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