Thursday, February 7, 2019

AASJ7: Sharon's "Time for a Cuppa!" Journal

Hi Everyone!!
How exciting to be starting another journal round with everyone!
I always love the challenge of creating to each person's theme - my "interpretation" of course LOL!!!
I decided to go with the theme of "Time for a Cuppa" because I am a big tea lover and like to have one coffee a day too LOL!
I started by making my cover from scrap card - I used tea bag "danglers" to cover the entire front and back cover. Once dry I added a layer of gesso, ink sprays and then the collage elements.
To make the cover more sturdy I cut 2 more pieces of card and covered one side with gesso and then used my sewing machine to add a backing to the front and back cover sections.
You will notice they are not "decorated" - that is something I will complete once my journal makes it's way home!

Collage elements are by my fav store "Art Tea Life" and were printed on card and fussy cut and adhered to the pages.
I decided to go with the "rings" again to hold my journal together and have added A5 size watercolour paper pages - an "open page" spread for each person do decorate - I have "numbered" the pages so each person can work on a left and right hand side to make a complete page when the pages are opened - LOL hope that makes sense - I made it a bit different to my last ringed journal!
I've added the contract pages and a page for the theme and to say enjoy working in my journal!
PLUS: I added a tea/coffee bag for each participant to make a cuppa whilst working in my journal!!!
Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see what each of you create!
Sharon :)


  1. Love it 😍 so clever the use of the tea tags very creative! Can’t wait to play in here too !!!!

  2. Very clever idea to make your cover Sharon.

  3. Looks great Sharon! Love this theme, so look forward to having a play!

  4. Adorable, love your use of tea bags Sharon :)

  5. Fantastic Sharon...really looking forward to your journal and hoping the coffee bags are still there when it gets here😆

  6. It's always tea time for me. I have one coffee in the morning then it's water or tea from then on. Love your collage and I can't wait to work in your fabulous journal xox

  7. Fabulous theme and great beginnings. Cant wait to see how it finishes up. Love the collage pieces as usual

  8. Looks like such a fun theme :D


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