Friday, January 4, 2019

My journal is home - music & lyrics!

I love participating in journal swaps; working in other peeps' journals is both a challenge and a privilege.   But   another wonderful part is getting your own journal home, especially after a big twelve month swap like this one!

So here's my cover.  Look how chunky my journal is!!!  

The journal is A5 size, and I made it using 300gsm watercolour paper, based on this tutorial from Teesha Moore.  It has pages with and without flaps, just in case peeps want to do a bit more than an A4 spread.

My theme is Music and Lyrics - I always have a song in my head, and I love to sing, usually in the car.  Never mind that I can't sing (just ask my kids!)

I'm always interested in song lyrics too. 😊

Here's my inside cover, with the journal contract and what I asked my contributors to do -

Pick your favourite song and design your page around the lyrics.  Please include your favourite line, verse, or the whole song!

My first entry was by Janie, and she used a page with a flap.  This first pic shows the flap closed, and the second pic with the flap open.

Janie's song was Send in the Clowns.  This song takes me back to listening to my parents' records when I was a kid - one of which was Roger Whittaker.  He sang a version of this song, which I love.  So this page makes me nostalgic!  Roger was also famous for his astounding whistling - well worth a bit of YouTubing!

I love the nostalgia in Janie's collages, and not sure if she meant this or not, but they look like teardrops on the lyrics - for it is a sad song. πŸ’—πŸ˜’

Thanks Janie!

 Next entry is Louise's, and she also chose a page with a flap.  First pic is with the flap closed, and second with it opened.

Louise chose a good old Aussie song, Home Among the Gum Trees.  What a delightful scene she's made, with everything from the song - the gum trees, rocking chair, plum tree, kookaburras, clothesline, kangaroo and sheep.  

And Louise used teabags and a tea stain!!!  My current favourite collage material. πŸ’œ  Also love the hint of the gum tree under the lyrics.

Thanks Louise!

Next was my entry, Flame Trees by Cold Chisel.  This song reminds me of my teenage years: growing up in a country town where there's nothing to do.  I'm definitely not a country girl!  

I just have to hear the first bit of music from this song, and I relax into it with a sigh.  It's my funeral song.  πŸ’•

Next entry was Annabelle's Fly Like an Eagle, by the Steve Miller Band.  She also did a page with a flap. The first page has the lyrics printed on vellum over music paper, and the open page has the great eagle collage flying over the ocean. 

This song has a real 70s feel about it, but the lyrics still ring true today:

Feed the babies
Who don't have enough to eat
Shoe the children
With no shoes on their feet

House the people
Livin' in the street
Oh, oh, there's a solution.

Thanks Annabelle! 🐦

Next is Deb's entry, the lovely Don Williams song I Believe in You.  Really great lyrics in this, and love the gorgeous Dylusions colours. 

On the right Deb has made this cool crossword!  The answers are all song artists, and when you pull the flap up, the answers are shown.  Fun idea!

Thanks Deb! πŸ’œ

Next we have another 70s classic by Meatloaf, You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth.  This entry was by Jenny, and I love the girl and the wolf with the red rose!  

The Bat out of Hell album is one of my all time favourites, and I know all the lyrics.  This is definitely one of those songs I sing in the car, so thanks for including it Jenny!  πŸ’™

Colleen's page is so bright and happy - Colour My World, by Petula Clark.  
These smiley flowers are so cute, and really suit the song.  Some of the flowers have been mounted which gives it a great effect.

Thanks Colleen! πŸ’›

Next we have Pam's entry, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.  
A gorgeous song that is certainly timeless, and I love the soft palette and pretty elements that Pam has included.  They really convey this message!

Thanks Pam! 🌺

Next we have another page with a flap, by Roz.  Her song is Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine, by Tom T Hall.  

Another song full of nostalgia, and I love the colours that Roz has used - it certainly reminds you of watermelon when you look at it!

Love the addition of the old record,  the piano keys, and the cute girl and her dog.  

Thanks Roz! πŸ‰

Next, we have Robyn's spread on Ed Sheeran's gorgeous song Perfect.  I saw Ed in concert a few years ago and he's brilliant.

Robyn has included a pic of myself and Scott at our wedding, 24 years ago!  

How sweet Robyn, thank you! πŸ’

The last entry is by Sharon - I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher.  Geez does this bring back a lot of memories from the 70s!  I used to love watching the Sonny and Cher show.  
This spread has that classic 60s look with the colours, the shapes, and the skivvies!  

Never thought much of Sonny, but I still love Cher - as a singer and also an actress.

Thanks Sharon! πŸ’œ

Lastly we have my sign in page.  You won't be able to see it, but the left hand side is gelli printed, with the lyrics to Jimmy Barnes' song I'd Die to be with You Tonight written over it.  Another one of my favourites, and a good way to add more interest to a page!

This is the back cover of my journal; just some watercoloured flowers over a gessoed background.

So that's it!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to my wonderful journal.  I love looking through it and singing along (in my head! 😝)

I found it interesting that most songs chosen were from the 60s to 80s - I guess they're the ones that stick in your memory the most. πŸ’›

I still have a few spare pages in it for when inspiration strikes me next - or if anyone else would like to do a spread?  You're most welcome. 

Now looking forward to the next journal round starting next month!

Cheers, Lisa x


  1. What a great collection you have there Lisa. Wonderful Art Journal.

  2. Its a beautiful journal. Very lucky lady. Such a wonderful collection.

  3. fabulous songs and art Lisa. Being an oldie, most of them are very familiar ❤️

  4. and, yes, the teardrops were intentional; lol; so good pick-up.

  5. I love how there is such a diverse range of lyrics/songs done by each of us.


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