Monday, January 28, 2019


This has been a really difficult journey for me.  I have had such a battle to keep going and but for my daughter I would have withdrawn.  I couldn't come up with a theme I liked and then when I did I froze and couldn't start.  I even had a cyber art lesson.

I have managed to get started and I hope that now we are off and running I will be OK.  Art doesn't come easy to me and every month when a new journal arrives I go through sheer terror until I manage to get an idea.  You would think after all this time I would just wing it.

So here is my Art Journal for 2019.  It is approx A4 size made with good solid paper. I forgot to take pictures as I went.

My Cover.

My Title Page.

My Spread.

Please don't forget to sign and date your work.  It is so important.
Have fun.


  1. Love it Pam! You need to believe in yourself more girl! And thanks for including tge instructions on how to do a haiku; haven't done one since school! 🙄💙

  2. Wonderful theme and fabulous beginning

  3. I love this topic Pam. I find it quite hard too Pam and I now know that it will work once I get started😊

  4. Yay - we made it and it looks great.

  5. A great theme Pam - I look forward to working in it! You will find inspiration for all the journals as they come to you!

  6. I can relate to your anxiety Pam. I was working myself into quite a state too. But, you made it. Your cover looks amazing and I love your pages plus your Haiku.


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