Monday, January 28, 2019

Lisa's Book Page Art Journal!

For this round I chose Book Page Art... and may have given some participants heart palpitations!  

But please don't worry!  There are heaps of ideas on Pinterest - here's my Book Page Art board.  There are lots of ideas on Google too.  

If you're hesitant on tearing out book pages, well, my first book was hard too!  But now I figure, I've read it, I don't want to read it again, and this way it will go to good use!  Op shops often have cheap  old books, and some have foreign language books too.  Markets can be a treasure trove too!

You can also find free book pages online that you can print out - try The Graphics Fairy, or just Google "Free printable vintage dictionary pages".  If you're happy to buy vintage stuff, check out Rosellas and Roses on Etsy.

So here's my journal.  It's about A5 size, and was made from A2 size 225gsm paper (you get 3 pages from each A2 page).

I stencilled the background first with three different Dylusions colours.  I made a cardboard template for my petals, so they'd all be the same size, then cut them from book pages.  These were then watercoloured, and finished off with white gel pen. The centre of the flower is a book page with a teabag laid over the top.  I then added some old dictionary page strips, and found these letters in an ephemera book  that Sue sent to me recently.

My contract is on my inside left cover.  I just added some teabag flowers for a bit of interest!

Next to this is my attempt at black out poetry.  This is where you get a book page and highlight some of the words, to make something completely different!  This is a bit hard to read, but it says Maybe time is infectious.  Watch the years trip by like a pretty wild ride.  It didn't quite work out like I was hoping; the words were in two columns hence I had to go up and down.  Should have cut them into two and placed the second one underneath... Oh well!  I painted this page black and then added the mantle clock and leaves with white gel pen.  The leaves were then coloured with pastel pencil, and the page sprayed with fixative, but it really dulled the colour.  Hmmmm...

I then did a spread on the middle page, again using black out poetry.  This one says  My favourite happiness level - music.  I just drew my girl and then dotted around my words in black liner, and then pink texta.  Added strips of music paper on each side, which I whitewashed.  Then stamped with a couple of stamps I made a year or two ago.

For those that really don't want to tear up a book, I've added a few spares that peeps can use!
And here's my inside rear cover, which is the posting order.  These are page book circles which were then covered with teabags (chamomile I think, looking at the colour!).  Black dots cut and added, with leaves made from bits of teabags that were watercoloured.

I look forward to seeing what peeps do in my journal this round! 

Happy arting!

Cheers, Lisa xx


  1. Lisa what an awesome start. You are so clever and even managed to include your favourite tea bags.

  2. Excellent start Lisa. Love all your ideas.

  3. Looking forward to this what you have doneπŸ“–πŸ’—πŸ“–

  4. Looks wonderful Lisa :) Very inspiring.

  5. Great journal and I love this theme!

  6. Wowsers, what a trip! You've set a challenge for sure Lisa. Love your cover and pages, they looks amazing. xox


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