Saturday, January 19, 2019

Stuff and Nonsense Art Journal Finale

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful year of creativity! Being part of this journal swap has improved my mixed media skills enormously, helping me understand about the tissue collage multi layering techniques especially. Thanks also to whoever tied on the beads too, they're a little bit awesome as well :)

The following are best viewed large, so I've uploaded them fairly big... such amazing artwork with gorgeous colours, fabulous textures and so much personality within each page. Love them all :)

Sharon : 'Walking on the Moon' - off for a picnic on the moon! A most fantastic way to use washi tape :)

Colleen : 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' but these two peoples are hungry! lol :) - Such a wonderful colourful page with 2 groovy South Aussie birds... a galah and budgie :D

Pam : 'The ballbearing bird never been seen, the ballbearing bird never been heard' ... such a fab flock of steampunk style flamingos... or flamencos as my Mum calls them, cos they always look like they're dancing!

Robyn : I have no words... this is so cool! If I didn't know anything about myself, all I'd need do is gaze upon Robyn's page. Its amazing! LOVE all the gorgeous little frogs, butterflies, lots of greeeeeen and the quotes are perfect too. I didn't notice the pics were of me at first either. A fly on the wall would have lost his grip on the wall from laughing at my reaction! lol :) Love it all <3

Roz : So much to look at in this amazing collage from Roz. Its an incredible amount of work! Lots of stuff and plenty of nonsense. Check out the triangular sign... steep slope ahead with crocs waiting for dinner! lol :) Every time I look at this I find something new!

Lisa : a beautifully handpainted masterpiece featuring a gorgeous hungry lion and his favourite tucker with a Spike Milligan poem :)

Louise : 'Stuff and Nonsense' lyrics by Split Enz (a groovy 80s band I loved) with many layers of fabulous colours and patterns!

Janie : 'Go Bravely' ... lots of wise words and sayings amongst so much crazy! She was tempted to cause a scene, and so she should. Love it!

Annabelle : 'All this stuff and nonsense in my head!' ... the teabags are like little kites! Just like an artist, its calm appearance (sometimes) and chaotic within (always).

Deborah : 'Santa's Journey' ... featuring a city that never sleeps beneath all the trails of hearts and swirls. Beautiful colours and all those little lit up windows are raised (feels really cool).

So that's my book, home and living on my shelf so I can look at it whenever I want :) So grateful for all the work you've all done in my book. Love it all. Thank you!



  1. Don't forget to click the pics to see them bigger! Roz and Janie's especially as they are chockas full of so much intrigue and craziness :D Enjoy!

  2. What a fun collection for you Jenny,

  3. Your journal is awesome Jenny. good to see it all😊

  4. It is so special when they come home to be treasured and visited, just like any other wonderful art gallery

  5. I missed this last week Jenny! Your completed journal looks like such fun! πŸ’œ


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