Monday, January 7, 2019

Jenny’s Stuff and nonsense journal

I was sure that I wrote a blog on this journal, I know I did two together but for some reason it got lost how I don’t know I probably deleted it instead of publishing it.
I decided to do it in portrait formate so I could fit what I had in mind for this page, it just looked to squashed up the other way.
I drew the face first and used my usual watercolours to add colour. I did the background next in acrylic paint.

I rather liked Lisa’s idea of using tea bags I thought they would great balloons for my escaping stuff. I found as many different things as I could to collage on the page starting with her head and working upwards. I really enjoyed working with this theme it was a lot of fun


  1. Looks great in real life just as it does here! Thanks Annabelle :)

  2. So clever Annabelle, and love that you added teabags! 😊

  3. Great idea for this theme! Love!


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