Sunday, August 27, 2017

WORD- Louise plays in Wendys journal

Wendy's gorgeous lacy journal arrived 
with a very open theme- use a word that inspires. 

 Nature inspires me,
In endless ways I am inspired by the colours and patterns and variations, the movement and the texture and sheer breathtaking beauty I find all around me. 

The pages were a little light for me I am a messer, so I collaged them with plenty of words- book pages.  Then I chose to play with my new DK artists inks in Wendy's journal and the day I sat down to play I had a beautiful blue parrot on my shoulder. so I started with blues and feathers. 

I had fun playing in your lovely journal Wendy. 


  1. Loving all those feathers Louise, such a beautiful spread! Nature is one of my biggest inspirations too! xx

  2. This is just pure fabulousness Louise, thank you so very much for your layout in my journal. I love it and look forward to seeing it in person when it comes home...xox

  3. Love the feathers on the old book pages background - they really stand out - very effective!


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