Thursday, August 10, 2017

Natasha's Goddess Journal

Natasha joined our swap group and our journal swap a few rounds back and created a gorgeous journal with the theme of Goddess
I have had the great pleasure of hosting this journal in my home and It has been like a visiting art exhibition! I have shown it to almost every visitor and looked at it many times myself. 
This is the full opened cover- it is just gorgeous!
This gorgeous page dedicated to Lakshmi is created by
 Robyn Osbourne. 
I think we can all do with a little Lakshmi in our lives.
I love how Robyn altered and did her tag for Tash as well-
Very clever Robyn.
Our lovely Roz Willoughby is next and her pages are just beautiful.
Roz worked with Kwan Yin
in line with her deep appreciation and inspiration with all things Asian.
Roz has 2 opening flaps so added her research
and beautiful symbology in those areas. 
Next we are off to Ireland and Jan Mullanes beautiful page for Brigit
I have a personal fondness for the Celtic Pantheon
and I adore Celtic knotwork.
Jan even has Brigit's well I would love to visit one day. 
I love how Jan works, her pages are always gorgeous and I am really thankful to those artists who come back and join another round ( or 2) of the AAJS because it is a real privilege to share their own personal development and in a very different way we get to know each other.
Gail Bourke bought Artemis into the journal 
And Rachel Thomas who loves working with flowers so much
bought the Goddess Antheia to the page
She is the Goddess of Love and Flowers
Then we have these incredible pages!
Jenny James you have outdone yourself. 
This wild and wooly Goddess is Calypso
and she has a host of characters
and quirky details you don't see at first.
Jenny I love this entry. 
Another long term contributor
 Sharon Williams
has bought her own style
 and I alway love Sharon's work,
I cant imagine who else would have Lucille Ball
and I love Lucy :)
as Hesta
but what a perfect domestic Goddess she is. 
This page to Gaia is unsigned but thanks to my co detective Pam Parker we tracked it down to Lee Hynes who also made this amazing hanging Goddess 
I love Wendy's amazing Moon Goddess page
I also love and so appreciate how Wendy will just jump into any theme and create her own gorgeous interpretation, usually generously sharing her process and inspiring everyone else. 
And lastly I got to play as well and created my pages for Demeter and Persephone. 


  1. A wonderful post about a great journal, with some very kind and thoughtful words, thanks Louise.

  2. Oh thank you Louise. I have enjoyed seeing Tash's journal and all those wonderful entries.

  3. Thank you Louise :D <3 Its wonderful to see all the pages in Tash's journal! They're all incredible. I love them all :D

  4. A wonderful journal. Great layouts by all the artists involved.


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