Saturday, August 5, 2017

My spread in Louise's Tree Journal

I had so many ideas for this topic and kept coming back to a photo that I took about 10 years ago. So I fished out some more photos and used some of them to create my spread. I went with the iconic Gum Tree.

First off I used some homemade spray ink to get some colour on the pages.

Then added some stenciling and some silver spray ink.

Trying to decide the layout.

Chose some info to add and coloured it with spray ink.

This is how it ended up. I changed the stenciling in the background and added the painted gum  leaf and altered the layout.


  1. Roz what a great idea to use your photos since you are such a good photographer. I really like the main one. Certainly an iconic Aussie scene.

  2. Oh Rozzie I love your pages so much, Your photo's are beautiful and I adore your words - thank you so much xxx

    1. I'm happy that you like what I have done Louise. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

  3. How lovely Roz! Your tree is wonderful!

  4. Wow, really lovely. Very Australian!


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